• International Days for February
    International days for february celebrated all over the world. Creating awareness and involvment.
  • The Nubian culture
    The Nubian Culture, older than thought. Preceding the Egyptian one. Among them Amenothep IV of the 18th dynasty
  • The Lord of Two Lands
    Lord of Two Lands. Upper and lower Egypt united under one crown. Pharaoh, the most powerful ruler.
  • Brain waves
    Brain waves are crucial to our neural functions. Let us study how our own brain waves work
  • The song of the spine
    The song of the spine. Vibrational therapy or bone tuning as investigated by dr June Wieder, a pioneer.
  • Putting bits to steer a horse
    Putting bits to steer a horse. Riding wiIth care. Steering a horse is more than bits.
  • Be Healed with sound
    Be healed with sound by using alpha brainwaves. And know of the neural therapy and other healing therapies.
  • The unicorn
    The unicorn… a reality
  • The colors of fall
    The colors of fall. Colors of maturity. Fruits and harvest.
  • International translation day
    International Translation Day
  • International Days for October
    International Days celebrated in  October
  • World Migration Bird day
    World Migration Bird day to honor, protect and respect our flying friends during their travels and stage amongst us.
  • Abrahamic and pharaonic
    Abrahamic and pharaonic. The ancient city of Ur and the Sumerian period in southern Iraq
  • The art of weaving
    The art of weaving The art of weavingAn Egyptian spin off The whirl A patterna
  • An inventive time table
    An Inventive timetable does not stick to ronogism. It leaves space for the unforeseen
  • Animating Spirit
    Animating Spirit Animating spiritDivine Ba Individuation of soulSpiritual witnessDivine Ka The breath of lifeIntermediate Ba
  • The donkey sweats
    The donkey sweats   The donkey sweatsand the horse is decorated with lace And yet,
  • Color the world
    Color the world. Color of my soul
  • What is Acoustics
    What is acoustics? The ancients knew
  • Our common quest
    Our common quest is not a common destiny
  • Irish folk songs
    Irish folk songs.
  • International days for January
    International days for January where we celebrate the proposed themes and reflect on their purpose
  • Music can be painful
    Music can be painful… a memory of old
  • Tea for two
    Tea for two Tea for twoAnd two for teaMe and youYou and me Lala lalaLala
  • My learning place
    My learning place for webbuilding and affliate marketing with a supportive and international community!
  • Top stories online
    Top stories online. Inspiration for all generations. Evergreens.
  • Creative questionnaire
    A creative questionnaire helps to structure your ideas and to envision the future .
  • Child of Sun
    Child of sun… we are all living creatures on planet earth. Most for better, some for worst. Barrelon, Child of sun.
  • HELP trees
    Help trees Trees are our best friendsSilent witnesses Create awareness Help for treesPlant and care
  • Anthony of Egypt
    Anthony of Egypt one of the most famous desert fathers of Egypt. Also known as Anthony the Great
  • Relation is the foundation of humanity
    Relation is the foundation of humanity based on responsability and vare for others and nature
  • A mother for all
    A mother for all. About Mary
  • The fragrance of Lavender
    The fragrance of lavender… a sweet oil for all!
  • On and off
    On and off The eastIs on The westIs off In old egyptian language The sun
  • Social Justice Day
    Social Justice Day, a day to remember the rights of every individual on this planet
  • About Chwals
    About Chwals… another name for horses and for all those who love caring for them and riding them
  • The power of words
    The power of words is more than blabla
  • Mother Language Day
    Mother language spoken from birth. The right to speak your own native language and to be respected
  • Reviews and online shopping
    Reviews and online shopping, be surprised
  • Online virtual worlds
    Online virtual worlds become the new normal. Far from reality leading to new mental disorders .
  • Oh soul divine
    Oh sould divine shining deep within me. My soul, your soul, our soul. Oh sould divine!
  • Meditation and relaxation
    Meditation and relaxation are keys to rewire your creative powers and an unusual way to find new solutions.
  • The apex?
    The apex… summit, summum, emerging point, highest reference, vortex, success, tip, expansion… so many words
  • What does chwals mean ?
    What does chwals mean? Where does it come from? For all those who love horses! Tell me your stories
  • The magic of riding
    The magic of riding stands with freedom, mastership, balance,and harmony. More than just a compromise.
  • Noetic knowledge
    Noetic knowledge, beyond mechanical views
  • Heal the brain
    Heal the brain with brainwaves and sound. Discover new ways of using your right brain.
  • Horse language
    Horse language. Talking with friends . Now they are killed and eaten for no other reason than greed
  • The power of creativity
    The power of creativity: a better world for all to live in. Healthy and prosperous.
  • The riddle of the sphinx
    The riddle of the sphinx is probably the oldest one in the history of mankind. Do you know the story?
  • A creative hallmark
    A creative hallmark, used to honor creativity in all aspects of life! In reference to a person or organization.
  • Inventive education
    Inventive education . Be not afraid of failing. It is part of success.
  • A roller-coaster
    A roller-coaster of emotions is not always your best friend. Better step off and let go.
  • When above…
    When above … the Enuma Elish, one of the oldest known scriptures on earth. Found in Summer.
  • The reality of unreal
    The reality of unreal When walking around One can only notice People scotched at screens
  • The matter of language and cult 
    The matter of language and cult. Know the ancient scriptures, history, science and wisdom
  • Some romance
     Some Romance Once again we saddled our horses and rided up the mountainside. This is
  • The black stallion
    The black stallion. Known from the book, the series, the poster… But in real life?
  • EL or IL
    EL or IL, the gods of Summer left their prints in language, traditions, history and cultures for those who dare to see it.
  • Relaxing Tibetan music
    Relaxing Tibetan music and the sound of earth smooting our moods . A way to tune in again with the rhythm of our planet.
  • Hathor a feminine archetype
    Hathor a feminine archetype. A temple in Egypt dedicated to her. One of the jewels of the Nile.
  • Old Indian relics
    Old Indian relics. When ploughing the soil farmers often find relics of all kind. Some of them more than valuable showing internal conflicts between tribes.
  • Best surgical masks
    Best surgical masks. How to make a simple and effective surgical mask if they are sold out
  • Creative thinking
    Creative Thinking is the future of our planet
  • Time travel
    Time travel… we always run after our clocks. Would be better if the clock follows us
  • Creative Art
    Creative Art is a way of expressing moods, processes, figure, forms,… in new unusual ways. A path of awe
  • Creative activation
    Creative activation is not just words it is action. Bringing projects into being. Be inventive and creative in what you do
  • What is an invention
    What is an invention. Something new that has never been made before. A definition, some examples and a databank
  • The Royal Paths
    The Royal Paths are three. The material, emotional and spiritual one. Seek perfection in all of them.
  • The Wild horse
    The wild horse. Hard to catch and ever harder to ride. Who can do that? The weak, the strong or the horse wisperer
  • On sound waves
    On sound waves. The perception of the brain is the same for all… like a magnet attracting all
  • What our prayer is not
    What our prayer is not. We often envision our own answer to our battles. But God has His own victory and it is not ours
  • The sacred river of the Nile
    The sacred river of the Nile crossing several African nations. Bringing fertility and hope to its shores
  • Horses in warfare
    Horses in warfare where like powerstations. They made a real difference . The chariots were a key factor too…
  • Egyptian culture and Atlantis
    Egyptian culture and Atlantis. Looking at artefacts, constructions and writings of old civilisations, One can only wonder
  • Joseph the dreamer
    Joseph the dreamer, the youngest son chased by his brothers because iof greed and envy. He became the most powerful man of Egypt
  • The egyptian stater
    The Egyptian stater, the perfect gold. One of the many coins find by archeologists and many of them in pristine condition
  • OH 86
    OH 86 one of the oldest bones in archeology. Seldom told of. The narrative gets very rigid.
  • Creation and Deluge
    Creation and Deluge is found in many old scriptures all over the earth. Many concordances as well
  • Genius Horse Painting
    Genius Horse painting by Picasso. Guernica depicting the horror of war in Spain during WW2.
  • The color blue
    The color blue. One of the basic colors. Heavens, waters, eyes… paintings
  • Divine sounds
    Divine sounds soothening and healing our minds, souls and spirits. Harmonies tuned above
  • The power of creation
    The powe of creation by Inventive one. An attempt to save the planet with ideas that work, not ideology.
  • The belt of Egypt
    The belt of Egypt. A mysterious linen Known as the shroud With a 3D image of a man identified as Jesus
  • Center into your soul and heart
    Center into your soul and heart And become peace. Spread it around you. Not division, nor hatred
  • The SHA 256 hash function
    The SHA 256 hash function, the unsolved mathematical algorithm used in digital signatures, authentication, bitcoin and cryptography
  • Boredom, the new plague
    Boredom the new plague or an opportunity to find new activities, goals and meaning to our life?
  • Free flow meditiation
    Free flow meditation from the Monroe Sound Science Institute to help you find your purpose and intentiins.
  • Clockwise
    Clockwise. We use that so frequently and yet. Do you know what it means and what it is used for? Food for thought no?
  • Your Breathing
    Your breathing in and out, day and night. Did you ever notice how your nostrils work? Pay closer attention.
  • Map of the Nile regions in Egypt
    Map of the Nile Regions in Egypt. A fascinating discovery for those who take time to examine the maps.
  • The color purple
    Purple, a color that does not mingle with others
  • Egyptian color palette
    Egyptian color palette has six colors: red, green, blue, yellow, black and white. Vibrant colors.
  • The house of clay
    The house of clay, a book about archeological findings with cuneiform ancient writing of Sumerian and Assyrian civilization
  • Chop the wah?
    Chop the wah. Make shopping a pleasant moment with some reviews tips and blogs about specific topics
  • For the love of horses
    For the love of horses! They make us dream about freedom, power and do not eat your friend.
  • Palette of soul
    Palette of soul. Light is manyfold and contains all colors. From the darkest to the lightest. Let it reflect in our souls
  • Blog by miBEEB
    Blog by mibeeb with some unique hints regarding sound waves and sound technology
  • Digital Art Gallery
    Digital art gallery with original paintings, pictures, gifs, logos and backgrounds. Enjoy
  • Soul and matter in ancient Egypt
    Soul and matter in ancient Egypt . The ra, ba and ka. Spiritual, astral, etheric, shadow, material body