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Brain waves

Mi BEEB - Sound and waves

Let’s study Our own…  

brain waves!


GREAT sound waves and frequencies FOR EVERYONE


I love to help people about how they feel when listening to sounds


Mi BEEB - Sound and waves
Undulating blue ocean an sea wave


Mi BEEB - Sound and waves
speakerphones and sound

Find your perfect pitch. A gift for every occasion and season!


Brain Styling

Mi BEEB - Sound and waves
Geometry of Sound and brain waveq

Yes, you heard that right.

Your brain can be shaped and styled too! 


Brain Cleanse

Mi BEEB - Sound and waves
Sea and clou

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Mi BEEB - Sound and waves
Transition of the sound barrier by a plane.

Let us seek some great apps and websites, that teach you how to improve your sound experience. And how to feel better with the right use of sound and music!

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A great example of what brainwaves  can do for you is provided by Kelly Howell

She is the world’s leading innovator in the practical application of brain wave research.

Some books about Brain waves

Creation and Deluge

Creation and Deluge

The biblical Shine’ar
appeared 6000 years ago
as the first known civilization after the Deluge.

It was there, in 3800 B.C., that writing began,
on clay tablets in the cuneiform script
with tales of Gods and humans.

Land of the first scribes,
brickmakers , musicians, dancers,
artisans, craftsmen, merchants, caravaneers
astronomers, mathematicians,
priests, judges and kings.

A high civilisation and culture

Land of the first chariots and wheels
high-rise temples and palaces
medicine and pharmacies
weights and measures
law codes and observatories.

The tablets found in the royal library of Nineveh
known as The Chaldean Genesis
revealed the same biblical stories of Creation and Deluge.

They were written down in Mesopotamia
millennia of years earlier …!


Some research

Myths of Babylonia and Assyria” by D. MacKenzie (1915). A free reading.

Detailed map of Sumer

Famous quotes

“Astrology begins in ancient Sumer (present-day Iraq). ”
(Garraty & Gay, eds.,The Columbia History of the World, Page 57).

“This civilization dates back further than Egypt or China or India. Sumerian writings exist on clay tablets dating back to 3500 B.C. or earlier.”
(C. Leonard Wolley, The Sumerians, New York: W.W. Norton, 1965, Page 184)

Creation and Deluge
The arch in ancient scriptures

The chaldean account of genesis

Chapter 5: creation and deluge

Final note

Creation and Deluge are subject to discussions.

Without entering the debate, we just refer to the writings, all over the globe, relating Creation and Deluge .
It was a time without paper and pencils.
People did not invent stories.
They wrote down the essence to be passed on…

The magic of riding

The magic of riding

A compromise
Between the horses freedom
And control by its rider?
That is poorly said

What is the magic of riding then?

Leaving the spirit of freedom
And riding in balance

When two spines align
There is balance
Perfect balance

The beauty of harmony
And unity

Awesome book on horse dressage

‘Riders who are able to preserve the spirit of freedom in their horses are inevitably the ones who garner the prizes.

Indeed, hunter judges reward the horse that looks free and has a quiet enthusiasm controlled invisibly by a beautifully balanced rider.

Dressage judges also reward the freedom of the horse’s movement when they evaluate the horse’s gaits on their “freedom and regularity.”

This freedom is what makes horses beautiful.
On a deeper level, it’s not about prizes.

Riders who incorporate Dressage Dynamics in their riding are the most satisfied riders because they honor the inner nature of their horses, and they enable their horses to reach their potential.

Fortunately, the horse is a herd animal by nature and happy to be under the control of a skilled rider. But what is a skilled rider?’

When two spines align: dressage dynamics by Beth Baumert.
A must for the skilled rider.
A must for those who seek beauty and mastership in riding.

Shop tips for horse dressage

Horse dressage

A video

Charlotte Dujardin, freestyle

The magic of riding
A perfect balance

EL or IL

El or Il

The name of most High
In old Mesopotamia

EL or IL

In most old scriptures
Known as the ELoist tradition

For many unknown

Strangely enough in French
“ELLE” or “IL”

Means she and he

Time to reflect
On the origin of names…

El or Il
El or Il

More to read

The Babylonian genesis , a work of archeology and study revealing parallells in ancient writings

An old psalm about exile

By the rivers of Babylon 

Golden Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Golden Egyptian Hieroglyphs Kaleida

Hieroglyps surviving time

A quest for Elon
A quest for Kermit

Join me
in this fabulous adventure
A mystery
The egyptian hieroglyps explained

Golden Egyptian Hieroglyphs Kaleida
Look at the details!

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Horses in warfare

Horses in warfare

Horses were used in warfare over 5000 years ago.

The earliest evidence of horses ridden in warfare
goes back to 4000 BC in Eurasia.

Old Sumerian illustrations from 2500 BC
Show horses pulling weapons.

Horses and chariots became famous
All over the World.

The chariots of Egypt.
The chariot of Krishna.

And by 1600BC
Horses and chariots
Were common warfare
in the Near East.

Xenophon, a greek cavalry officer
Wrote his treatise on horsemanship
By 360 BC.

Saddles, bits, and collars
Improved the riding over the centuries.

The last big battles with horses
Were the Napolean wars.

Where horses and men
Fought as one.

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Old Indian relics

Horses in warfare
the chariot in ancient times

The riddle of the sphinx

The riddle of the sphinx

An important element
in Sophocles Oedipus the King
is the Riddle of the Sphinx

What crawls on four legs in the morning
Walks on two feet at noon
and stumbles on three feet in the evening?

But today
An even more important riddle
Shackles historians and egyptologians

The head of the Sphinx

It seems to have been layered later
And the Sphinx was probably
A lion?


The cosmic place of the sphynx
Refers to the era of the lion
Long before Egypt existed

And the ram
Used as symbol
Comes many eras later

An unusual explanation

Is Anubis the ancient Sphinx?

The riddle of the sphinx
the sphinx cat in the gold background

The apex?

The apex of Egypt

The apex


Apex is Latin for summit, peak, tip, top, extreme end, point

The apex of a monument is its  highest point
The apex of civilization, its  expansion, and success
The apex of a pyramid is the topmost vortex


The lowest part of the human heart.
The deepest part of a tooth’s root.
The tip of a leaf

Egypt, the mafnificent pyramid of Chepas

In Astronomy

THE point on the celestial sphere
toward which the sun appears to move
relative to nearby stars.

* The Solstice Lines *

In Physics

The lowest point on a pendant drop of a liquid.

Vedic Jewelry with blue sapphire

In Mining

The end or edge of a mineral vein nearest the surface.

The vein in the Great Pyramid

The apex of civilisation…

The apex of Egypt
The apex of Egypt




Old Indian relics

Old Indian relics

Farmers occasionally
plough up
old Indian relics.

What is the point?

History has its own turns.

And sooner or later new evidence is found of old civilisations and ancient tribes. In this case the relics of the native people of America who have been slaughtered, killed and exterminated without any respect of their land, language and culture. Horses of warfare!

Their tribal wars also!

Not something to be proud of. … not at all.
Not something to forget.
And certainly not something to be repeated.

They were proud riders and outstanding warriors.
This is a tribute to all of them.
Not just on American soil, but all over the world.

Old Indian relics
Proud riders and outstanding warriors

A cry out to the nations

O Wioheumpata!
The YELLOW east…

From thou comest the Sun.
Comes the Light.
From Sunset to dawn.

A new begin.
A new day.

We Ask the great Spirit,
for wisdom and understanding!

O Itokaga!
WHITE South…

The sun at its highest,
Brings warmth and growing.
Drawing life on earth.

We ask the great Spirit,
To preserve our lives,
For a safe return in the skies

O Wiyokpiyata.
The BLACK west..l

Here sets the sun.
Here ends the day.

The great Thunderbird lives there.
Sending thunder and rains
Over our lands.

We ask the great Spirit,
To bless and preserve the waters on earth

O Waziyata!
The RED North…

From thou comes the cold.
The freezing weathers.
Your winds are cleansing.

Leaves do fall,
And rest under snow.
We need patience and endurance!

We ask the great Spirit,
To help us in tribulation.

And now!

Let us turn our pipe of peace to the earth.
Invoke a blessing from heavens.
And turn within, to the most sacred place.

O Wakan Tanka!

Great spirit and BLUE bird in the sky
Preserve our GREEN mother earth
And make my soul realize
Its place and destiny in the Universe

– inspired by Lakota tribes –

Old Indian relics
Hand drawn tribal set with bows, axes, arrows, feathers, dreamcatchers, bull skulls, war headdress elements.

Reading tips

American Indians

Old Indian relics
To the great spirit!