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United Nations day

United Nations day
United Nations day
Flag of the United Nations

United Nations day
24 October

On the 24th October 1945 the ratification of the UN charter (pdf) was a fact.

the charter gathers the nations of the world around sound moral principles. Striving for peace, justice and welfare. The  planet earth is our common home.

Let us celebrate!

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United Nations Organization



World Statistics Day

World Statistics Day
World Statistics Day
Data are decision makers

World Statistics Day
20 Octobre

Statistics are a way
To gauge reality
To ponder results

Without them
It would be hard
To measure success

Some great examples of online databases

World Statistics here you can seek for indicators on health, education, transport,… just name it!
Asean statistics portal Your doorway to Asia
Your key to European Statistics, all numbers and figures
Statistics and facts about the United States.

Better data, gives beter life!
It is an awesome instrument
For management and leadership

Some caution

Beware the interpretation of statistical information
And its representation can be misleading!

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Official site of the UN


International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty


International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
Poverty is not a choice

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
17 October

Poverty is a burden
A street without end
Nor perspective

Poverty is a heavy load
A room without light
Nor colors

Poverty is a strain
A bundle of misery
Without solutions

Poverty affects families
Communities and nations
All over the world

And translates in bad health,
Bad habitat, insecurity,
Lack of education and rights

It is our duty to help the children
And families, So they can improve
Their conditions and life

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World food day

World food day
World food day
Nature is the best feeder

World food day
16 Oktober

Besides habitat and beverage,
food is one of our basic needs for survival

And many, all over the world
struggle with basic supplies

The lack of food
Bad quality of food
Unhealthy food
Not enough food

The list is long

On this day
Let us be thankful
For quality supply
And encourage healthy projects

Eat healthy
Produce healthy
Consume healthy

No to chemical pesticides and fertilizers
No to genetic manipulations
No to monopolies on all markets

And thank you to those
Who dare to be the change for better

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International Day of Rural Women

International Day of Rural Women
International Day of Rural Women
Women with conical hat and bamboo basket are harvesting tea leaf in Bao Loc, Lam Dong, Vietnam

International Day of Rural Women
15 October

Women and girls
play a major role in rural areas

Part of the agricultural labour force
And domestic caregivers

They sustain rural households
improve rural livehoods
increase wellbeing of their families
and contribute to better production and management.

Nutrition, security and climate resilience being key factors.

Poverty rates are high in rural areas
And access to land, credits and material more difficult
Especially for women.

Climat change and natural desasters
affect their well-being and survival.

Time to honor and value them

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Rural women and girls building climate resilience

International day for Disaster Risk Reduction

International day for Disaster Risk Reduction

13 October


So many natural disasters
Destroying habitat and cultures
In so many places

Our planet faces almost daily
natural disasters

Hard to fight the powers of nature
But we can reduce the risks
In many ways

Today our thoughts go out
To all the victims of natural disasters.


Let us not forget the dangers of chemical and nuclear plants as well !

What can be done

We can reduce the disaster damage to critical infrastructure.

We can  prevent the disruption of basic services like water and food supply, communication, transport and hospital facilities.

We can monitor the areas within risk regions.

We  can make evacuation plans available.

Let us join in a common effort to make our infrastructures, cultures and habitat  more safe!

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World Migration Bird day

World Migration Bird day
World Migration Bird day
Fly,Bird, fly!

World Migration Bird Day

Wildlife is endangered
And so is Birdlife

Each year
Thousands of birds migrate
Seeking better weather and places

Their flying route is known
But winds and nature are unpredictable
Today pollution is a new enemy

Thousands of birds die all over the world
Species disappear
Stop plastic waste!


An awesome website for bird lovers is World migratory birdday

You will find all the needed information here about flyways and stories from all over the world.

Bird migration on Amazon

 Celebrated every second saturday of october


International day of the Girl Child

Girl child Day

11 October


It is a baby girl!

Educate on girl and the whole village is educated.

Girls have the same rights as boys.

Girls are not the slaves of men.

Girls are not an inferior race.

Empower girls, empower nations.

So many quotes to mark the importance of girl rights, but in reality they often get abused in many ways.

Let us give our girl children what they deserve. The same rights, chances and education as boys. And above all, let us respect their personality and choices.

No one should impose their will on others.

A reading

Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action‘ a clear frame for political and social action.

This year theme

GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable

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World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day
World Mental HealthDay
In dark nights, daylight is near

World Mental Health Day
10 October

3 factors are essential to good mental health

  • good relationships, family, home or friends
  • fulfilling  job , activity or interest with decent income
  • positive values and beliefs

It is known that when one of those factors comes to fail, the mental health of an individual is endangered.

Consequences can be dramatical : illnesses, depression, and suicide.

They all have a terrible impact on our societies and communities.

Prevention is key here.

Know how to read the signals.

For those in need, who read me: seek help, open up to others.

Preventing suicide, the theme of 2019


Suicide prevention

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World Post Day

All looking for packages now

9 October

A letter
The art of writing

Postal services
Existed in antiquity

The days of written letters
Have been replaced by email and chatboxes

Messaging has banalised

The material delivery
Still booms

All looking for packages now

good to know

The International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People

Launched in 1971, millions of young people under age 15 have participated ever since. A way to encourage literacy all over the world. And developing skills like composition and expression.

Postal services are important. They being together people and cultures. And in many countries, the postal services organize the competitions.

Thank you postman!

Some postal history

On 9 October of 1874, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) was founded in Bern, the Swiss Capital.

In 1969, it was declared World Post Day by the UPU Congress held in Tokyo. Since then, countries across the world participate in the celebrations.

Imagine a work without post? It simply does not exist.

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Postal Service