Blog in peace

Blog in peace

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Learning comes before earning

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The color blue

The color blue

Blue is a primary color 
Omnipresent too

Look at the airs
Look at the waters

Seen from skies
We are the blue planet

Mingled with white
Our heavens become lighter

Mingled With black
Our heavens turn darker

And there are other blue color palettes too

Blue by you
Blue berries

Blue skies
Blue heaven

I have the blues
I am blue 

The color blue
Blue by YOU

What is your favorite expression?


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Genius Horse Painting

Horse painting


Horses were painted
all over the centuries.

And some became more famous
than their painters

The first painting
That comes to mind is Guernica

Where Picasso depicts
the bombing of Guernica,
a northern Spanish town
by the Nazis in 1937

A twisted, agonising horse,
pierced by a spear.
with suffering townspeople all around

A human skull hidden
in the shape of the horse’s nostrils and teeth.

A warning for mankind
If we dare to listen 

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A video

Guernica in 3D

The egyptian stater

The perfect gold


The Egyptian stater

The gold stater
Issued during the 30th dynasty

The head
Has two hieroglyps
Nfr and nb

Fine gold
Perfect Gold
Beautiful Gold

The tail
Shows a horse
On its hind legs

A unique piece
Rather uncommon



Joseph the dreamer

Joseph the dreamer

And the brothers
Jealous of Joseph
Sold him to Egyptian merchants

They then killed a deer
took its blood
And made their father believe

He is dead…!

Joseph being In Egypt
explained the dreams of others
And soon got noticed by the pharaoh

Pharaoh called him Tsaphnath-Panéach
And gave him Aseneth, daughter of Putiphar
The priest of On to be his wife

And Joseph left
To visit Egypt

The revealer of secrets
The One who reveals mysteries

Most High spoke and he lives!

Joseph the dreamer
Complex of the pyramid of the pharaoh Djoser, Saqqara, Egypt

A video

Joseph in Egypt

Ancient Nubia

The Wild horse

The Wild horse

If you want to catch a wild horse,
find a tight corral.

What does this mean?

It means a wild horse has its own rules and is hard to catch and tame. It needs a tight hand. Who shall ride it?

Definitions of wild horse

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Wild horse
the wild horse… who shall ride it?

Egyptian culture and Atlantis

The Egyptian culture and Atlantis

Confronted with Egyptian culture
One is only back smashed.

As you know, Alexander the Great
(who is also called the Evil)
Punched out the old culture

A few initiated Greek philosophers
inherited the Old Wisdom and Science
But only parcels of it.

The tale of Atlantis
By the Greek philosopher Plato
Written 300 BC

In his works Timaeus and Critias
The Athenian lawgiver Solon
Tells the story of Atlantis heard in Egypt

Atlantis was a great island
In the Atlantic Ocean
Large as North Africa and Near East combined

Ruled by Poseidon (Neptune), the water god
Married to Cleito , their palace was built
On the mountain in the center of his city

They had ten children
and each inherited
a section to rule

Atlantis was a paradise
no one had to work
food and animals were plenty

A stream of hot water
and a stream of cold water
Irrigated the island

Its Culture Glorious
Its Palaces and Temples wonderful
Its Kings rich in gold, silver and precious metals.

It was a golden age
An age of harmony and abundance
For the people of Atlantis

When the gods intermarried with humans
The Atlanteans became greedy
Conquering the lands around the Mediterranean

Angered by their attitude
Zeus, the god of heaven
Destroyed their island with earthquakes

Atlantis sank into the sea
in one day and one night
End of a great civilisation too

Of which it is said Egypt inherited…

Some archaeologists claim
it was the island of Creta
partly destroyed by an earthquake.

Nothing matches the description

When one sees the grandeur of Egypt
and the poverty of the Minoan civilisation,
it is hard to believe this was Atlantis…

Can linguistic approach give a clue ?
Alta Landis means Old Land
And could very well be Atlantis…

The land as it was before…

The story sounds familiar to me
Narrated in the Bhaghavad Ghita
And all the ancient scriptures

Could it be the Nether
The place where the gods lived
Or the earth before the continental drifting…

Quite stomaching…

Poseidon's trident
Poseidon’s trident emerging from the sea, Photo composite

Some books

Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings: Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age

Timaeus and Critias (Penguin Classics)

A Complete Zecharia Sitchin Earth Chronicles Nine-Book Series Set, Includes: Twelfth Planet, Stairway to Heaven, War of Gods and Men, Lost Realms, When Time Began, Cosmic Code, End of Days, Genesis Revisited, and Divine Encounters

Atlantis: The Antediluvian World: Fully Illustrated

The Ancient Egyptian Culture Revealed

Poseidon: The Origins and History of the Greek God of the Sea


BIC Atlantis Original Retractable Ball Pen, Medium Point (1.0 mm), Black, 30-Count

The Royal Paths

Walk the roal paths

The Royal Paths

Building a wall
Keeping boundaries
Saying no to unwanted effects in your life
Stop the rat race
Turn your bad fate


Create abundance
With the philosophy of Maat
Achieve succes by making the most of what you have
Align your stars
And mind your wallet


The pillar of wisdom
The request of Salomon
To serve Most High and to serve menkind
The knowledge to judge
Creating peace around


A video

Denderah, The dawn of western astronomy 


Life is about choices.
Hard to understand or to teach without values…
Every choice being a direction

“Choices given for the royal path
one only needs to polish one’s own mind, heart and connect with soul. ” Pavan Raina

We are polishers and polished…

The royal paths

Sacred geometry

Grid of life
Flower of life
Tree of life

The flower of life

The grid of life
is our DNA
It is common to all species on earth

The flower of life
is an old symbol
It is found in many old civilisations
like Indian and Chinese.

Egypt has a special flower of life pictures on one of the pillars of the temple of Dendea and many scientists wonder how it was made…

Fruit of life

The tree of life
was pictured for the first time
by the Sumerian civilisation.

Long before the Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Chaldeans and Babylonians. And Abraham came from Ur, a city of Sumer married to Saraï, egyptian princess.