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The Lord of Two Lands

The Lord of two Lands


Upper Egypt (South)
Hedjet – the white Crown

Lower Egypt (North)
Deshret – the red Crown

The land of Kermit
The frog

The land of Sobek
The crocodile

The most powerful person

Lord of the Two Lands
High Priest of every Temple

Ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt

Owner of the land
Lawmaker and Tax collector

Representation of the gods on Earth

Performer of rituals
Builder of temples

To honour the gods
To honour men

Hyphen between
The visible and
invisible land


Em Hetep

Be In peace
(in Ancient Egyptian Language)

Read also Map of the Nile regions in Egypt

The Wild horse

The Wild horse

If you want to catch a wild horse,
find a tight corral.

What does this mean?

It means a wild horse has its own rules and is hard to catch and tame. It needs a tight hand. Who shall ride it?

Definitions of wild horse

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Wild horse
the wild horse… who shall ride it?

Putting bits to steer a horse

Putting bits to steer a horse

Putting bits in the horses mouths,
they obey us;
and we turn about their whole body.

What does this mean?

It means putting bits is an art, just like riding. Every horse is different and a good bit is like a wheel. It steers your horse in the right direction.

I have seen many bad riders, without any subtility, abusing the reins and damaging the horses mouth.

So, next time… whatch the reins. They are not made for pulling but for steering.

Never ride a horse in fear.

Watch this video: how to steer a horse while riding

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The magic of riding

Putting bits to steer a horse
rider and horse are one

Hathor a feminine archetype

Hathor a feminine archetype. The feminine touch of divine.

The place of the initiate
The womb of the feminine

A beautiful temple

A place where we find a nether
An aspect of our being

The soft feminine

The temple was served by priestesses
The feminine touch of divine

“Dig inside your being
And find your soft feminine aspect”

Is the main message
of the temple of Hathor
In Denderah

A jewel on the river Nile
In Kermit

Hathor a feminine archetype. The feminine touch of divine.
Hathor a feminine archetype. The feminine touch of divine.

The color blue

The color blue

Blue is a primary color 
Omnipresent too

Look at the airs
Look at the waters

Seen from skies
We are the blue planet

Mingled with white
Our heavens become lighter

Mingled With black
Our heavens turn darker

And there are other blue color palettes too

Blue by you
Blue berries

Blue skies
Blue heaven

I have the blues
I am blue 

The color blue
Blue by YOU

What is your favorite expression?


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Sons of Kush

Crocodile of the Nile

Panorama of Meroe pyramids in the desert at sunset, Sudan,
Panorama of Meroe pyramids in the desert at sunset, Sudan,

Sons of Kush

There are more piramids
In Sudan
Than in whole Egypt

Along the Nile
In the desert

Same gods
Same Worship

Old conflicts

The Upper Aswan DaM
And the Civilisation of the Nubians
Swallowed in the Nasser Lake

Only The crocodile survived

The Nilometer no longer used in Cairo
And the natural fertilizer of KMT  gone

And poverty spreading
Like a curse


The 25th dinasty

The kingdom of Kush

The split of the Nile

Crocodile of the Nile
Crocodile of the Nile


old name of Egypt
meaning black fertile land 

Its borders were the region of the Nile…
Long before Egyptian culture


The ancient Africans

Biblical references

Stop Hemorrhoids !


One out of two people is affected by hemorrhoids. An itching pain for many. Affecting our mind, body and soul…

After some research, I found this great hemorrhoids infographic by healing natural oils. And if you want more information, click the image. You will find plenty on their site.

Many found great relief in using natural products.

Hemorrhoids Infographic

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Medical disclaimer:
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Palette of soul

Color of my soul

The primary colors
Blue, Red and yellow

The opposite colors
White and black

All other colors
Are derived by mixing

A palette is a choice of colors
Used by the painter
To express a mood or feeling
Or simply to reflect reality

Palette is a set of colors
used in design and fashion

Strangely enough it is used
To describe the effects
of taste and music too

Colors can be warm or cool
Translucent or top coating

Just remember
you do not mingle purple

Colors of a painter
Colors of a painter

Palette of sound

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The inner castle way of the soul


The way of the soul
Is like a fortress
An inner castle

The gate by which
You enter it
Is prayer

And prayer will lead you on
From sin to grace
From guilt to mercy

It will strenghten
Your path
And you will

And soon
You will enter
The mansions
Of the castle

Its widths
And heights
And dephts

The true
With divine

One heart
One soul
One mind
One spirit

The walls of Ávila


The inner castle or the way of the soul