The egyptian color palette 

The egyptian color palette. Poem by an Egyptian painter
The egyptian color palette. Poem by an Egyptian painter

Poem by an egyptian painter

Amidst the sands of time, I paint my tale,
With hues that whisper stories, never frail.
Ochre, the earth’s embrace, fiery and bold,
A canvas of devotion, a story to be told.

Lapis lazuli, blue as the boundless sky,
Gods and mortals meet, where horizons lie.
Nile’s gentle reflection, secrets it beholds,
In azure depths, a cosmic journey unfolds.

Golden grains sway in the sun’s embrace,
Yellow hues of harvest, life’s vibrant grace.
Pharaohs’ crowns adorned with regal might,
Eternal sunsets, a kingdom bathed in light.

Green, a song of fertility, in every brushstroke,
Nature’s orchestra, as vibrant landscapes woke.
Abundance woven into the land’s embrace,
A verdant tapestry of life’s intricate grace.

Black, the cradle of creation’s tender hand,
Mysteries birthed in darkness, life’s endless strand.
Kemet’s fertile heart, a tale to be told,
In ebony depths, the universe unfolds.

With each stroke, I breathe life anew,
In colors of ancient sands, old yet true.
Egypt’s palette, a symphony divine,
A painter’s song, a journey through time.

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