Contemplation, a mystic path


a mystic path of the heart

In the realm of sacred silence, I dwell,
Where the mystic’s heart finds its sacred spell.
Contemplation’s path, a wondrous flight,
To depths unknown, where veils of truth alight.

In the chambers of the soul, I rest,
Seeking union with the One, divinely blessed.
With words unspoken, yet understood,
I commune with the mystic’s solitude.

Oh, Divine Beloved, the mystic’s guide,
In contemplation’s embrace, we coincide.
Unveil the mysteries, let wisdom unfold,
As the depths of my being are slowly enfolded.

Through stillness and surrender, I transcend,
Merging with the sacred, my spirit to ascend.
In silence, the soul finds its sacred key,
Unlocking doors to eternity.

In contemplative realms, where time suspends,
The mystic’s heart, in love, forever contends.
Transcendent whispers, like gentle breeze,
Reveal the secrets of sacred mysteries.

With every breath, a sacred dance,
In the mystic’s heart, divine romance.
Soul to soul, in union divine,
Through contemplation, the Beloved we find.

In this sanctuary of silent bliss,
Where the mystic’s soul finds eternal kiss,
The veils dissolve, revealing truth sublime,
In the mystical depths of sacred time.

So, let us embrace the mystic’s call,
Through contemplation, our spirits enthrall.
In the stillness, where divinity we meet,
In the mystic’s heart, love’s melody complete.

Inspired by the mystics of old,
Their wisdom and love forever unfold,
In the sacred dance of contemplation’s art,
The mystic’s journey, a song of the heart.


Make me an instrument of peace for you are the One Eternal

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