Poem on writer’s block and its solutions

Poem on writer's block and its solutions. Take a break, clear your head, go for a long walk and then come back
Take a break, clear your head, go for a long walk and then come back

Poem on writer’s block and its solutions

Writer’s Block

The page is blank, the cursor blinks,
The words won’t come, my mind just sinks.
I try to type, I try to think,
But all I feel is on the brink.

The ideas that once flowed with ease,
Are now trapped in my mind’s unease.
The sentences I used to weave,
Now come out flat, they can’t deceive.

But wait, what’s this? A spark of thought,
A glimmer of hope, a light that’s brought.
I grab my pen, I start to write,
I’m back in the game, I’m in the fight.

I take a breath, I clear my mind,
I let my thoughts unwind and find,
The inspiration that I need,
To create the words that will succeed.

So if you find yourself in doubt,
And writer’s block has got you out,
Just take a break, clear your head,
And soon enough, the words will spread.

With patience, perseverance, and grace,
You’ll soon be back in your rightful place.
So don’t give up, don’t lose the fight,
Your words will shine, they’ll be alight.


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Source openai’s chatGPT-3 Language Model & aitrot – Images picsart & MIB

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