The three realms of reality: physical, mind and spiritual

The three realms of reality: physical, mind and spiritual
The three realms of reality: physical, mind and spiritual

The three realms of reality: physical, mind and spiritual

In the realms of reality, threefold and profound,
Where the physical, mind, and spirit are found,
There echoes a cry from a cross up high,
A plea that reaches beyond the earthly sky.

In the physical realm, where bodies reside,
The pain and suffering cannot be denied.
With words so human, a lament did arise,
My God, my God, why?”—a heartfelt sigh.

Yet the mind realm awakens, questions start to grow,
Is this the end of creation? We ponder and mull so.
Existential queries dance within our thoughts,
Seeking answers to the mysteries that have been wrought.

But the spirit realm whispers, a voice serene,
The end or fulfillment of creation, it keenly convenes.
A sacrificial offering, a divine plan unfolds,
The culmination of love, the story it beholds.

In the trinity of realms, we find understanding’s call,
For each layer adds depth, unveiling truth’s enthral.
From the physical’s pain to the mind’s inquiry vast,
To the spiritual’s redemption, love unsurpassed.

Oh, let us reflect, in contemplative embrace,
On the layers of meaning that intertwine with grace.
For in the cry of anguish, a greater purpose shines,
A reminder of the sacred, where divine and human entwine.

So may we journey through these realms, hand in hand,
Embracing the depths of truth, in wisdom’s command.
In the physical, mind, and spiritual spheres we dwell,
Exploring the mysteries, stories only they can tell.

In unity, let us seek the truth that lies within,
Honoring the realms, where our journey begins.
For in the convergence of these realities, we find,
The essence of our being, the sacred intertwined.

As the echoes of the cry resound in our soul,
May we awaken to the mysteries that make us whole.
In the trinity of realms, we discover the key,
To unravel the depths, where truth and beauty decree.

So let us ponder, with open hearts and minds,
The poetry of existence, the interplay that binds.
In the physical, mind, and spiritual’s embrace,
We find the tapestry of life, woven with divine grace.

Amen. May the journey of exploration and contemplation continue to unfold, guiding us towards deeper understanding, wisdom, and spiritual growth.

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