Matsuo Bashō’s haikus

Matsuo Bashō's haikus
The pond

Matsuo Bashō’s haikus

Matsuo Bashō is known for his profound and evocative haikus.
A few examples of his magnificient work:

An old silent pond… (5)
A frog jumps into the pond— (7)
Splash! Silence again. (5)

Matsuo Bashō's haikus

The ancient pond— (5)
A frog jumps in, (3)

Matsuo Bashō's haikus

Temple bells die out. (5)
The fragrant blossoms remain. (7)
A perfect evening! (5)

Matsuo Bashō's haikus

An old silent pond… (5)
with a sound of a water jar (7)
tipping into the water. (5)

In these haikus, you can see Bashō’s skill in capturing moments of nature and life with simplicity and depth.

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