Your Breathing

Your breathing in and out, day and night. Did you ever notice how your nostrils work? Pay closer attention.
Take a deep breath, become conscious, not ignorant

Your breathing

Without breath
no life

Breathing in and out
The basics of life

The breath of life 

Breath exercises to improve your health by Sadguru

Our breath tells us a lot.

When someone shows up with negative vibes it will translate in your breath.
Whatever the feeling of the other person, your breath tells you.

When you are confronted with an angry person, the fire element shows in your breath.
Same goes for meeting a liar. Your breath will tell you.

Just pay closer attention.

Breath as such is a subtle and fascinating science.

Our right nostril is called the bright one.
The left nostril is called Chandra naadi, which is the dark one.


Just know different activities are allocated for these naadis.

– When the right naadi is functioning your grasping power is outstanding.
You understand better.
– When your left naadi is working, understanding is half.
You don’t absorb it fully.

If you eat, and only the left nostril is open, then there are more chances of you falling sick
Eat when the right nostril is open.

If you have gone to toilet with the left nostril open, then you will go again.
When the right is open, your elimination is complete.

Sleep on your left side, your sleep is better, deeper, complete.
You feel energized.

Sleep on the left side, your sleep is lighter.
When you wake up, you want to lie down again.

Discern how your breath flows with the time of the day, sunrise, moon rise, cosmic events and be amazed.


Observe in the morning when the sun rises, which nostril is open.
It will be either right or left.

Not both at the same moment.

So our nostrils are connected with sunrise, time and the moons position as well.

When the right nostril is functioning, you will find there is more left brain activity, You are more alert, conscious and logical.
When the left nostril is functioning, then your right brain is more active. You are more emotional. You have intentions to do something. You have plans.

Yogi can change this. That is why there is a yogadanda (something).
They keep a staff under the hand to change the naadi from left to right and from right to left.

You can keep a pillow on the opposite side of your head, to have the nostril change and to change the breathing in the nostrils. If you want a nostril to open, press the opposite one.

If both nostrils are open, nothing works in the body. Only meditation. Only prayer.

Observe also that when you take a flight, your both nostrils work. Just for a few seconds or half a minute. Take off time. When you go near any place of worship, church, mosque or temple both nostrils are open.

Breath does not know how to make a difference between an airport and a temple because both lifts you up. One uplifts the body and the other the spirit .

Breathing assumes its own rhythms and cycles when the soul is leaving the body.

So, according to one’s karma, the naadi starts working and the soul leaves through the left or right nostril.

Through the right nostril, the soul is free and goes with knowledge and wisdom.
Through the left nostril, the soul is going with certain intentions and emotions, Connected to life.
When both nostrils are functioning that is Sushuma Naadi. That is Samadhi. You will exit in meditative state. You have no obligation. You are merging with the infinite instantaneously,

A yogi by leaving itself, has attained the highest, So He chooses to come back if he wants to

Lord Krishna says: ” I will come again and again: in every age.”

The northern hemisphere is different from southern hemisphere.

Winter in the north is summer in the south. Vice-Versa, Then, how does this apply? It is not one panchang (time) for the whole world, It is all different. Every place has its own almanac. And what about people who live in the equator? Every place has its own time.

Your breathing in and out, day and night. Did you ever notice how your nostrils work? Pay closer attention.
And under water?


So when you take this time literally, on the gross level, It appears to be very localized, And when you go deeper and see it is not just the outer. It is about the prana the breath that is flowing inside of you. It is about the energy. Then a whole new avenue opens in front of you. The macrocosm and the microcosm are one in a deep connection. Breath is a science of this connection. It is an amazing science to know about its functioning. But it takes a long time to study and practice these things. It is a very strenuous exercise. You have nothing else to do, Keep watching your breath 24 hours and all that happens.

Your prana is aligned to nature. This is what I’ve found. Simple devotion makes the right swara (note) go at the right time.

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