Egyptian color palette

Egyptian color palette has six colors: red, green, blue, yellow, black and white. Vibrant colors.
Egyptian colors resisted the ages…

Egyptian color palette

The Egyptian palette
has six colors

red -desher- heraldic color of the North, ochres
green -wadj ,  color of the Nile, Malachite
blue – khesbedj , irtiu- lapis lazuli,  color of heavenly realms
yellow -kenit, khenet- the golden sun, ochres and oxydes
black -khem, kem- the black land, carbon
white -shesep, hedj- heraldic color of the south, chalks and gypsum

All made from mineral compounds
Semi-precious gemstones
Chosen for their symbolism

Vibrant colors
Even after thousand years
still shining

Eternal beauty

Some videos

Egyptian Art History

Colors and art of ancient egypt, a survey

A colorful story of Egyptian history

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