Kandake, a royal title used by the Kush dinasty to design the sister of the king
A royal title for the mother queen


A royal title 
Used by the kush dinasty
To design the sister of the king 
Bearing the next heir

The queen mother 
Had her own court
A powerful women
Often regent

Kandakekadake or kentake

???? kdke 
In the Meroitic language 
Spoken between 400 BC till 400 AD

The written form 
Used a stylus for for the Cursive record-keeping
Stone carving for Hieroglyphic royal and religeous writings

The kingdom of Kush
Qes (Meroitic)
Lasted from 1070 BC to 550 AD
Better known at the 25th dynasty of Egypt

Craddle of civilisatiom
With Kerma or Kush culture
The kushites founders of Sudan

A urban society
With unique and high levels
Of female participation 
Mother of Egyptian culture as well

Kushite heartland  Source: National Geographic 2019

 Meroitic language reference

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