The power of creation

The power of creation by Inventive attempt to save the planet with ideas that work, not ideology
Inventive one

The power of creation

The future belongs to the creative and innovative ones. There is no other way to survive in an automated and robotized world. 

Those who know how to use their creative potentials will provide new solutions to old problems.

Creativity and inventivity is needed in all layers of society. Not just our personal jobs or views.

Just to name a few:

  • architecture 
  • agriculture 
  • education 
  • transportation 
  • communication 
  • health care 
  • nature 
  • … 

May all those creative minds all around the globe inspire us and lead humanity in new ways that envision a future for all. 

This site is dedicated to all those creative minds and the creative process in particular. 

A poetic expression of what the future should be: colorful! 

The powe of creation by Inventive one. An attempt to save the planet with ideas that work, not ideology.
Inventive one

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