World days for July

Notable international and national.days for July
Vibrant and diverse celebrations of national days in July around the world. This festive collage captures the joy and unity of these global observances.

Notable international and national.days for July

  1. July 1: International Joke Day
  2. July 6: World Zoonoses Day
  3. July 11: World Population Day
  4. July 15: World Youth Skills Day
  5. July 17: World Day for International Justice
  6. July 18: Nelson Mandela International Day
  7. July 28: World Hepatitis Day
  8. July 30: International Day of Friendship
  9. July 30: World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

Each of these days highlights significant global issues and encourages awareness, education, and action. Whether it’s through sharing jokes, recognizing the importance of youth skills, or celebrating friendship, these observances offer opportunities to foster unity and understanding across different cultures and communities.

  • Notable national days celebrated in various countries in July:
  1. July 1:
    • Canada Day (Canada)
    • Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day (Hong Kong)
  2. July 2: Independence Day (Belarus)
  3. July 4: Independence Day (United States)
  4. July 5:
    • Independence Day (Algeria)
    • Independence Day (Venezuela)
  5. July 6:
    • Independence Day (Malawi)
    • Independence Day (Comoros)
  6. July 7: Independence Day (Solomon Islands)
  7. July 9: Independence Day (Argentina)
  8. July 10: Independence Day (Bahamas)
  9. July 12: Independence Day (São Tomé and Príncipe)
  10. July 14: Bastille Day (France)
  11. July 20: Independence Day (Colombia)
  12. July 21: National Day (Belgium)
  13. July 23: Revolution Day (Egypt)
  14. July 26: Independence Day (Liberia)
  15. July 28: Independence Day (Peru)
  16. July 30: Independence Day (Vanuatu)

These national days celebrate the cultural heritage and historical milestones of their respective countries, often marked by parades, fireworks, and various festivities.

Online resources

Online resources where you can learn more about the national days celebrated in July:

  1. Canada Day (July 1)
    • Official Government of Canada Website
    • Canadian Encyclopedia
  2. United States Independence Day (July 4)
  3. Bastille Day (France, July 14)
    • France Diplomacy
    • BBC History
  4. Argentina Independence Day (July 9)
  5. Peru Independence Day (July 28)
    • Lonely Planet
  6. Belgium National Day (July 21)
  7. Colombia Independence Day (July 20)

These resources offer a wealth of information about the history, traditions, and celebrations of each national day.

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