Be Healed with sound

Be healed ith sound
Tibetan singing bowls for sound healing

Medical disclaimer: this is not medical advice. Always check with your doctor first.

Be healed with sound

Sound has a healing power. The ancients knew it all too well.
Think of the many mantras and repetitive songs empowering peace and distressing us.

Stress indeed sickens and disturbs our brain waves as modern studies have shown.

Alpha waves

Alpha waves are a great way to restore our brain health. We can do so by using specific repetitive mantras or listening to specific brainwaves.

A great initiator of alpha waves was Jose Da Silva
Founder of the Silva method
Still followed by many all over the world

References for the da Silva Method

Watch this video by Jose Da Silva
With headphones.

Do this for 10 days

Alpha waves are powerful brain waves
Helping you to conquer stress

Be cautious with crabs and fake therapists

Always Ask your doctor first


Healing with sounds can occur in so many ways: singing bowls, musical forks, heartbeat drums,…

Examples are many, and we will try to unfold them all along.

Bare with me!

Some books

The 7 secrets of sound healing

Stay tuned in many ways!

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