Iconic artists and albums of Irish folk music

Iconic artists and albums of Irish folk music
Iconic artists and albums of Irish folk music

Iconic artists and albums of Irish folk music

There are several iconic artists and albums that can serve as great starting points for anyone new to the world of Irish folk music.

Here are a few suggestions to help you begin your journey:

The Chieftains

The Chieftains are a legendary Irish folk group known for their traditional and contemporary arrangements. Their album “The Chieftains 4” is a fantastic introduction to their music.

The Dubliners

With their raw and authentic sound, The Dubliners are a quintessential Irish folk band. Their album “The Dubliners – Live at the Albert Hall” captures their energetic performances.

Christy Moore

Christy Moore’s solo work has left an indelible mark on Irish folk music. His album “Ride On” showcases his storytelling and emotive vocals.


Planxty, a folk band formed in the 1970s, combined traditional Irish music with innovative arrangements. Their self-titled album “Planxty” is a classic.


Enya’s ethereal music draws from Celtic influences, creating a unique blend of new age and folk elements. Her album “Watermark” is a great starting point.

The Bothy Band

The Bothy Band’s dynamic and intricate playing makes their album “The Best of the Bothy Band” a must-listen for enthusiasts of instrumental Irish folk music.


Altan’s music features beautiful harmonies and a contemporary twist on traditional tunes. Their album “The Red Crow” is a good entry point.


Lunasa is a modern instrumental band that blends traditional Irish tunes with innovative arrangements. Their album “The Kinnitty Sessions” is a great showcase of their style.


Known for their fusion of folk and ambient music, Clannad’s album “Legend” features haunting vocals and atmospheric arrangements.


Solas offers a fresh take on Irish folk with their album “The Words That Remain,” incorporating traditional melodies with a contemporary twist.

These recommendations offer a mix of classic and contemporary artists, vocal and instrumental styles, and traditional and innovative arrangements. Exploring these artists and albums will give you a solid foundation in the diverse world of Irish folk music. From there, you can dive deeper into specific subgenres and discover even more hidden gems. 

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Enjoy your musical journey! 🎶🍀

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