Creative questionnaire

Creative questionnaire

Many of us face failure, loss and incertitude.
Others succeed and improve their life.
For those stuck and indecisive, 
a good questionnaire helps to envision the future again. 

1 – What’s your most important question? Or questions?

  • How to eliminate your fear of failure?
  • How to make or earn more money?
  • How to create the abundant life you deserve and desire?

Perhaps you have other pregnant questions.

Just write them down here:


2 – What would be a good answer for this problem or problems?

  • Why and how would it make a difference in your life?

Be precise and concise in your answer with as many details as possible


3 – How difficult was it for you to find a good answer for above questions to date

  • Easy
  • somewhat difficult
  • very difficult.

And why?


Be honest with your answers, they will help you to frame where you are stuck, and eventually how to come out.

If it is serious, make sure to seek professional help, or to talk to people around you for help. 

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Creative questionnaire

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The power of creativity

Keep smiling and seek solutions! 😀

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