The path of the mystics

The path of the mystics.
The path of the mystics.

The path of the mystics

In realms unseen, where mystics tread,
Across traditions widely spread,
A seeker roams through mystic halls,
Exploring invisible dimensions’ calls.

In Hindu lands, where yogis dwell,
Their ancient tales they sweetly tell,
Through sacred postures and focused breath,
They seek to conquer life and death.

Beneath the banyan’s sacred shade,
Buddhist mystics find their serenade,
With zazen’s stillness and koans’ strife,
They journey to the depths of life.

In Sufi realms, with fervent hearts,
The dervishes spin in rhythmic arts,
They chant and dance, in love’s embrace,
To glimpse the truth, God’s endless grace.

Christian mystics, in cloistered cells,
Unveil the secrets that silence tells,
With prayers and hymns, they seek the light,
To merge with God, in purest sight.

Native tribes on sacred ground,
With reverence, their spirits bound,
Through sweat lodge steam and sacred song,
They commune with spirits all day long.

Through misty forests and mountain heights,
They honor Earth’s sacred delights,
Seeking harmony with every tree,
To touch the sacred unity.

The seeker walks this path diverse,
With open heart and universe,
In silence and in joy they roam,
Seeking truth that leads them home.

Across the cultures and mystic ways,
A tapestry of wisdom lays,
The mystics dance, hand in hand,
United in their quest so grand.

Invisible realms they dare explore,
Through open hearts, they seek to soar,
Seeker, embrace the mystic’s call,
And find the divine within it all.

May your journey through the realms of mysticism be filled with wonder, illumination, and boundless inner light. Embrace the magic of the unseen, and may your path be adorned with countless sparkling stars guiding your way. Shine on, seeker! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

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