The black stallion

The black stallion
Black Andalusian horse trotting on snow meadow

The black stallion

A beautiful horse.
A magnificient one!

I am not talking about the movie
The book or the series.

Just about a beautiful horse.

My youth was filled with a poster
And guess…?

Yes, a black stallion on a hill,
Against a blue sky,
His manes waving in the Wind.

I have tried to find that poster.
In vain…
it was lost with the many moves in my life.

But the image was such a powerful picture.
It is imprinted in my memory forever.

Shop corner

They call the Wind Mariah!

Black stallion shirts

Black stallion welding

Black stallion gloves

We all had or have such posters, no?

The black stallion
The black stallion

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