The magic of riding

The magic of riding stands with freedom, mastership, balance,and harmony. More than just a compromise.
The magic of riding

The magic of riding

A compromise
Between the horses freedom

And control by its rider?
That is poorly said

What is the magic of riding then?

Leaving the spirit of freedom
And riding in balance

When two spines align
There is balance
Perfect balance

The beauty of harmony
And unity

Awesome book on horse dressage

‘Riders who are able to preserve the spirit of freedom in their horses are inevitably the ones who garner the prizes.

Indeed, hunter judges reward the horse that looks free and has a quiet enthusiasm controlled invisibly by a beautifully balanced rider.

Dressage judges also reward the freedom of the horse’s movement when they evaluate the horse’s gaits on their “freedom and regularity.”

This freedom is what makes horses beautiful.
On a deeper level, it’s not about prizes.

Riders who incorporate Dressage Dynamics in their riding are the most satisfied riders because they honor the inner nature of their horses, and they enable their horses to reach their potential.

Fortunately, the horse is a herd animal by nature and happy to be under the control of a skilled rider. But what is a skilled rider?’

When two spines align: dressage dynamics by Beth Baumert.
A must for the skilled rider.
A must for those who seek beauty and mastership in riding.

Shop tips for horse dressage

Horse dressage

A video

Charlotte Dujardin, freestyle

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What is your riding?

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