Oh soul divine

Oh soul divine
illustration depicting resurrection and ascension
into the clouds in heavens of Jesus

Table of Contents

Oh soul divine

Oh soul divine
Shining deep
Within me

Oh divine Light
My soul

Divine Me

Oh souls divine
To my soul

(I am) a Servant
Of your Word

Divine ME

Oh souls divine
How can I serve

Tell me

~ ~

Oh divine souls
I seek you
I need you
Help me

To build
A divine you
A divine me
A divine us

Let us gather
And become strong

~ ~

oh soul
Just go
Follow your
Divine call

And go
Just go

But remember

It is a
Call of love
And tenderness


And listen
To your heart
The heart
Of mankind

Go divine

~ ~

Oh market
How can I support
And serve you?

By being me
B being you
B Bing us


A laugh
For soul
Fresh air to breathe

A wink
Of eyes
Seeing the Heart of all

A hand
Tenderly stressed
Reaching out
Beyond the boundaries of Lands

~ ~

Why are you attracted to me
What do you seek
If it is not the greater behind mi

~ ~

Oh divine market
What do I have
Why do you want to be With me
To work with me?

Is it my word
Oh no, it is not
Is it my sword
Oh no, it is not

It is your love for me
And behind mi
The greater ME

For love seeks love

The echo of my soul
Is me
Is you
Be us

Oh… Souls divine
Let us gather like
A rolling thunder
Refreching air
Refreshing earth

Join me
Join together
Even when I am gone

Gather the peace
The love of hearts

And know
The greater BE
Is always ME

Do not fear
Nor tremble
For words
Can be

~ ~

My tears now flow
A river
An ocean

Refreshing me
Refreshing you
Refreshing earth

My soul

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