The sleeping saint 

The sleeping saint 
The sleeping saint 

The sleeping saint

“Masters are under no cosmic compulsion
to limit their residence.”
Ram Gopal-

As soon as the devotee
is willing to go
even to the ends of the earth
for spiritual enlightenment
his guru appears near-by.

The saint descended
from the general to the particular
with disconcerting speed.

Are you able to have a little room
where you can close the door and be alone?
That is your cave
That is your sacred mountain
That is where resides the Kingdom of God

Discovering the Lord within
we soon perceive Him without.
Holy shrines at Tarakeswar and elsewhere
are rightly venerated
as nuclear centers of spiritual power.

The guest is God

Short bio

I have not done much. Behari must have told you something of my life. For twenty years I occupied a secret grotto, meditating eighteen hours a day. Then I moved to a more inaccessible cave and remained there for twenty-five years, entering the yoga union for twenty hours daily. I did not need sleep, for I was ever with God. My body was more rested in the complete calmness of the superconsciousness than it could be by the partial peace of the ordinary subconscious state.

The muscles relax during sleep, but the heart, lungs, and circulatory system are constantly at work; they get no rest. In superconsciousness, the internal organs remain in a state of suspended animation, electrified by the cosmic energy. By such means I have found it unnecessary to sleep for years. The time will come when you too will dispense with sleep.”

And know God is eternity.
Even a little meditation saves us

Do not fix your spiritual ideal on a small mountain, but hitch it to the star of unqualified divine attainment. If you work hard, you will get there.”

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