Free flow meditiation

Free flow meditation from the Monroe Sound Science Institute to help you find your purpose and intentiins.
Go with the flow of life and relax

Free flow meditation

May I propose
the Monroe Sound Science
free flow meditation

It is a unique meditation by the sound professionals of the Monroe Institute.
This free flow meditation will target states of your brain and mind to assist you in manifesting the life you desire.

It will help you to crystallize your deepest being.

A life with purpose, decisiveness, intention, success, healing, acceptance….

Practice daily?

Listen daily to this beautiful meditation. It will enhance clarity and direction. It will help you in your choices for a better life and how you want to fulfill that.

A guided meditation

connecting to the present

To the core

It is important for each of us to discern

and understand our life’s purpose and mission.

Make sure to check the

Conscious Connection and meditate daily

you can find the extended version

of this free meditation here in the online store

Of the Monroe Institute

Try the expand app for free and join the community.

If you join, seek fleeky as a friend

Sit back and relax

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