World Television Day

World Television Day. The screen has invaded all homes over the globes and remains one of the most primordial channels of communication.
World Television Day
World Television Day
Television is  the most important medium

World Television Day
21 November

Invented in the 1920’s
Television screens
Remain the most viewed

All over the world
The number of televisions are increasing
And television remains
Medium number one in many families

A tool for education
A tool for entertainment
A way to discover our world

Good to know

United Nations news and media tools

The mix between traditional and new forms of broadcast creates opportunities to raise awareness about local, regional and national issues all around the world.

The United Nations organization provides a suite of multimedia products and services to cover their work, to reach out to international audiences, and to support the work of the international news media.

An opportunity for many to share the news and communicate information with others through television.

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