Wisdom of the heart

Wisdom of the heart reveals when we accept to turn within and listen to the voice of our inner self.
Heart knows better

Wisdom of the heart

Ya o
Ya o

Tia ya ya tia ya o
Ya o

Ya o
Ya o

Tia ya ya tia ya o
Ya o

Ya a mystical sound for sufis
(meaning O in Arabic). 
opening the heart 

Ya O

A reminder
To address respectfully  
the quality 
of the sacred 
You are seeking within

Center in your heart with devotion 

Words and sounds will reveal to you 
Your high self

The ruh
Will guide you 

The divine Beloved 
Is the Reality 
In which all takes place 

Growth happens 
In the “stillness” of your being 

Not asking
Not worried
Not looking for answers 

Just being 
In the present moment

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