What is an invention

What is an invention. Something new that has never been made before. A definition, some examples and a databank
What is an invention

What is an invention?

Many among us wonder
what an invention is. 

Let us find
a good definition first

According to the Cambridge dictionary an invention is 

something that has never been made before,
or the process of creating something that has never been made before.”


The world has changed rapidly after the invention of the airplanes.
A revolutionary invention indeed. And it has just begon!

In daily life

On a smaller scale there are many inventions to improve daily life, to fine tune industrial and agricultural processes, to protect and enhance the environment, …

Examples are many.

What is the greatest invention for you?

Thank you for sharing and letting me know.

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What is an invention
Something new, never made before

Did you ever invent something?

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