Top stories online

Top stories online
Tops tories online, loved by all

Top stories online

We all like stories, don’t we?
There is such wisdom and insight in them
Making them powerful evergreens

But what makes a great story?

  • It is timeless. No matter when you live or lived, it remains trending.
  • It resonates with all of us, touching cords of our being, revealing our self.
  • It is universal when it relates to our humanity, despite our culture and traditions, it is about us.


These stories can be very reveling about us, our life
And as such guide us with the wisdom sealed Within them .

We all know the stories of our childhood!
The myths and legends of the past.
Some of them real, some of them fake.

So, let me share some stories shared on other platforms
And enjoy!

For the joy of Reading

Top stories online

  • One of my absolute favorites is The great fat bull
    A website dedicated to Sumerian history, art and culture.
    A must for the fans!
  • One, lesser known are Divine Encounters by Zechariah Sitchin.
    He was a great scientist, mastering several old languages, archaeologist and seeker of truth. He was fascinated by old African stories relating to the Anunaki and found their stories to be true.

Some others

  • Story time kids
    Our childhood was forged with stories…
    Only the gems remain.
    This one is about a man, his son, his horse and his journey.
Story tile kids
For the joy of Telling
Paint your wagon
Paint your wagon and go!
  • I Think, therefore I am.
    A great quote by the french philosopher Descartes.
    Inviting us to preserve our individuality since it is key to our own humanity.
I think,therefor I am
I Think, I am
The ego and its trip
Where shall I go and stay?
Sitting on the bench
  • How to teenage.
    Just a big hug for all teenagers and youngsters.
    Be happy!
    The future is ahead.
How to teenage
The lion and the rat
  • Time in DC.
    Decision time!
    Take time to gauge your solutions.
Time in DC
  • Que sera sera
    The eternal returning question!
    What shall our future be?
Que sera sera
What shall the future bring?

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