“The Spiritual Nature Of Reality” by Richard Haw

"The Spiritual Nature Of Reality" by Richard Haw
“The Spiritual Nature Of Reality” by Richard Haw

“The Spiritual Nature Of Reality” by Richard Haw

Quantum physics is being driven irresitably towards the standpoint of Christian Science regarding the nature of matter. All the standpoints embodied in the first sentence of “The Scientific Statement Of Being“, would now be corroborated by the world’s top natural scientists. Once totally opposed by the mainstream of human thinking, this “Scientific Statement of Being” is now in the vanguard of advancing thought.

The quote suggests that there is a growing convergence between the principles of Christian Science and the findings of modern science, particularly in the field of quantum physics. This convergence is related to the idea that matter is not a fixed, tangible substance, but rather a dynamic and elusive phenomenon that is deeply intertwined with consciousness and spirituality.

Many scientists and scholars have explored the connections between science and spirituality, and some have found common ground in the idea that reality is not solely composed of material objects, but also includes intangible aspects such as energy, consciousness, and information. The implications of this perspective for our understanding of ourselves and the world around us are still being explored, and it remains a fascinating and rapidly evolving area of research and inquiry.


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