The SHA 256 hash function

The SHA 256 hash function,  the unsolved mathematical algorithm used in digital signatures, authentication, bitcoin and cryptography
The unsolved mathematical algorithm

The SHA 256 hash function

The SHA 256 hash function
The most popular computer algorithm
A one-way deterministic hash function

An algorithm
A process or list of steps
For doing something

A hash function
Takes any size of input
But has a fixed size output

SHA 256
Secure Hash Algorithm
its outputs always 256 bits

A one-way mathematical function
Hard to do backwards
The unsolved algorithm

You never have the same output
unless the input is identical
Just a butterfly effect

A bit
Changes all)

SHA 256
Used in cryptography
digital signatures
authentication and bitcoin

Just take a picture
Calculate its SHA 256 number
And you have a unique combination


How to reverse it?
Nobody knows
For now


How does SHA 256 work
A secure algorithm

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What could be the reverse solution? if there is one?

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