The Royal Paths

The Royal Paths are three. The material, emotional and spiritual one. Seek perfection in all of them.
The Royal Paths

The Royal Paths

Building a wall
Keeping boundaries
Saying no to unwanted effects in your life
Stop the rat race
Turn your bad fate


Create abundance
With the philosophy of Maat
Achieve succes by making the most of what you have
Align your stars
And mind your wallet


The pillar of wisdom
The request of Salomon
To serve Most High and to serve menkind
The knowledge to judge
Creating peace around


A video

Denderah, The dawn of western astronomy 


Life is about choices.
Hard to understand or to teach without values…
Every choice being a direction

“Choices given for the royal path
one only needs to polish one’s own mind, heart and connect with soul. ” Pavan Raina

We are polishers and polished…

Sacred geometry

Grid of life
Flower of life
Tree of life

Flower of life
Flower of life

The grid of life
is our DNA
It is common to all species on earth

The flower of life
is an old symbol
It is found in many old civilisations
like Indian and Chinese.

Egypt has a special flower of life pictures on one of the pillars of the temple of Dendea and many scientists wonder how it was made…

Fruit of life
Fruit of life

The tree of life
was pictured for the first timej
by the Sumerian civilisation.

Long before the Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Chaldeans and Babylonians. And Abraham came from Ur, a city of Sumer married to Saraï, egyptian princess.

Ever tried drawing sacred geometry patterns?

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