The Nubian culture

The Nubian Culture, older than thought. Preceding the Egyptian one. Among them Amenothep IV of the 18th dynasty
ancient Meroe pyramids in a desert in Sudan

The Nubian culture

Situated between Sudan and South Egypt
Far more advanced than thought
And the seat of Egyptian culture

Meroe being the capital of the Old Kingdom of Kush.
The Meroe pyramids along the Nile in Sudan are World Heritage
Far more important and numerous than the Egyptian ones

Amenotheph = Amenophis in Greek
Amenothep IV was a great pharaoh of the 18th dynasty 

Kin of Egypt
Kin of Egypt

Of Nubian origin
Had many diplomatic relations with his neighbours

And many of his written clay tablets
Have been found in Amarna
The capital of his reign

He brought spiritual and political change
And very soon he was in open opposition
with priest and casts of Old Egypt…

He was the first
to introduce monotheïsm
the faith in one God

Amarna, the city build by him
was completly destroyed after his deadth.

The ancients knew why the river Nile was sacred
Perhaps we need to rediscover the meaning of “sacred”


Ethiopia, source of the blue Nile

The Nubian culture 

5 forgotten facts about Nubia 

Nubian Culture
ancient Meroe pyramids in a desert in remote Sudan

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