The matter of language and cult 

The matter of language and cult 
People speaking different languages

The matter of language and cult 


The oldest sacred language 
Of the Hindus 

Zend or old Persian 

The oldest sacred language 
Of the Iranians 

Greek and latin 

Old sacred languages  
Of the Europeans 
All together the Indo-European languages 

Old semitic and non-semitic languages 

The Egyptian Hieroglyphic script 
The Sumerian Cuneiform script 
Copied by Babylonians 

Comparative studies

Comparative philology 
(Science of language) 

Comparative mythology 
(Science of culture) 

Two faces of the same coin 

But … the comparative studies 
Designate the Sumerian writings 
As the oldest and often common source so far 

Time to reflect on the Summerians! 
And before? 

The matter of language and cult 
The Sumerian king on the peace side of the Standard of Ur

The Sumerians referred to themselves as ùĝ saĝ gíg-ga (uŋ saŋ giga)  meaning “the black-headed people”, their land ki-en-gi(-r) meaning “place of the noble lords”

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