The infinite one

The infinite one. Numbers and their meaning. There is more to mathematics Than usually perceived
Ancient Egyptian ennead

The infinite One

All is number
Number is all




2/9 = .222222…

3/9 = .333333… = 1/3

4/9 = .444444…

Is all number?
Is number all? 


The infinite symbol
Turned on its side 

9 archetypes

Of egytian ennead
And Greek pantheon

81 table elements 

with stable atoms 
in the uni verse

The others elements
Radioactive decay 

And zero?

The void
The empty space




the dimensions of Solomon’s temple are
60 cubits long, 20 cubits wide, and 30 cubits high.

Many ancient cultures 
hold tantalizing clues 
to the Great Mystery of life

such as the Sumerian civilisation
the Vedic culture in India
the Toltec culture in Americathe Chinese signs and pen strokes
the megalithic building cultures of early Europe
the African stones
and so many others….

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Other founding civilisations?

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