The art of weaving

The art of weaving
The art of weaving

The art of weaving

The art of weaving
An Egyptian spin off

The whirl

A pattern
a mechanism repeating
From microcosm to macrocosm

The spin of the universe

Old toys
Used as scientific objects
Used to study

The spin of the earth

When the toy spins around its axis
It orients parallel to the axis of the earth
And swings like the direction of the earth’s revolution

A gyro static property

Archaeologists discovered spinning discs
Classified as tops
To study the spin of the earth

Also, used as spintol
A way to spin the linen

The weaving movement

The measure
of the spin of a particle
In angular momentum

A question in genesis of quantum physics:
The origin of spin
Still, unsolved


Egyptian tops
Found in different sizes

Weaving begins with spinning.
It was done with distaff and spindle.
It was a royal art, mostly exercised by men.

The spinning wheel was invented in the 14th century


In British museum of London
Room 62-63
egyptian death and afterlife…

I saw the mummies
40 years ago…

Ra M’ses II

One notices…
and then it sinks
And sinks
And sinks…

It was a unique experience.
Hard to translate
Which I tried with this poem


To my Indian weaver friends…

I hope India will not allow the industrialization
of its weavering and textile manufacturing.

I hope the government will help all those families
to continue their work of art on small scale
Sustained by structures they own and understand.

I hope the art of weaving which was the first spin off
of scientific research by the Egyptians
will find modern engineers and scientists
to translate this old craftmanship and mastership in new ways.

I hope India will not enter the pressure
Of foreign investors looking for cheap work
Destroying local manufactures and weavers.

In our countries craftsmanship was destroyed
Family business was destroyed
Industrialization imported
And now exported
Leaving human deserts…

I hope the intelligentsia of India
Will reflect to find new ways
And not apply destructive structures
Shortsighted after easy money.

And this humble request
Extends to all politicians
Restore and preserve craftsmanship


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