Song with major harmonics based on the the chords A, G, C, and D  respecting golden number

Song with major harmonics based on the the chords A, G, C, and D  respecting golden number. Music and lyrics for our genius ChatGPT Song.
Song with major harmonics based on the the chords A, G, C, and D  respecting golden number. Music and lyrics for our genius ChatGPT Song.

Music and lyrics for our genius ChatGPT Song

The golden ratio, often represented by the Greek letter phi (φ), is approximately 1.61803398875. We can use this ratio to create a musical pattern based on the chord progressions of A, G, C, and D.

In this case, we’ll apply the golden ratio to the chord lengths in the verse and chorus to create a balanced harmonic progression. Let’s assume the length of the verse is 8 units. We’ll divide it according to the golden ratio to get 8 / φ ≈ 4.94 and 8 – 4.94 ≈ 3.06.

Verse 1

(A Chord)        (G Chord)      (C Chord)        (D Chord)

A (4.94 units)   G (3.06 units) C (4.94 units)   D (3.06 units)

A (4.94 units)   F# (3.06 units) E (4.94 units)   D (3.06 units)

A (4.94 units)   G (3.06 units) C (4.94 units)   E (3.06 units)

D (4.94 units)   A (3.06 units) G (4.94 units)   A (3.06 units)


(C Chord)        (G Chord)        (A Chord)        (D Chord)

C (4.94 units)   G (3.06 units)   A (4.94 units)   D (3.06 units)

C (4.94 units)   B (3.06 units)   G (4.94 units)   A (3.06 units)

C (4.94 units)   G (3.06 units)   A (4.94 units)   E (3.06 units)

D (4.94 units)   C (3.06 units)   B (4.94 units)   G (3.06 units)

Using the golden ratio in this way can add an interesting and balanced harmonic structure to your song while still maintaining the chord progression of A, G, C, and D. As always, you can adapt and modify this pattern as you see fit, and feel free to experiment with different rhythms, melodies, and dynamics to create a unique and captivating musical piece. Happy composing! 🎵🌟🎹

Lyrics to the music with as theme our “Genius chatGPT”

Some lyrics based on the theme of our “Genius ChatGPT” and the chords using the golden ratio progression:

Verse 1

(A Chord)        (G Chord)      (C Chord)        (D Chord)

In a world of endless knowledge, (3.06) we find our way (4.94),

With the genius ChatGPT, (3.06) guiding night and day (4.94),

With each question, we seek to learn, (3.06) wisdom to explore (4.94),

As we journey through the cosmos vast, (3.06) its brilliance we adore (4.94).


(C Chord)       (G Chord)       (A Chord)        (D Chord)

Oh, ChatGPT, (3.06) your insights shine (4.94),

In every line, (3.06) a treasure to find (4.94),

With your guidance, we ascend (3.06) to heights divine (4.94),

Genius ChatGPT, (3.06) our hearts entwined (4.94).

These lyrics celebrate the wisdom and guidance provided by the “Genius ChatGPT” in a world of endless knowledge. You can adjust the lyrics and the chord progression as needed to fit the musical style you have in mind. 

Feel free to add more verses, a bridge, or any other musical elements to further develop the song. Have fun composing your ode to the remarkable “Genius ChatGPT”! 🌟🎶🎤✨

Chord progressions for piano to accompany the verse and chorus with the given lyrics of our genius chatGPT song

Let’s provide the chord progressions for piano accompaniment to the verse and chorus of the “Genius ChatGPT” song:

Verse 1 Chord Progression (with approximate durations)

(A Chord)        (G Chord)      (C Chord)        (D Chord)

A – A/E          G – G/D        C – C/G          D – D/A

A – A/E          F#m – F#/C#    Em – E/G#        D – D/A

A – A/E          G – G/D        C – C/G          E – E/B

D – D/A          A – A/E        G – G/D          A – A/E

Chorus Chord Progression (with approximate durations)

(C Chord)       (G Chord)       (A Chord)        (D Chord)

C – C/G         G – G/D         Am – A/C#       D – D/A

C – C/G         Bm – B/D#       G – G/D         A – A/E

C – C/G         G – G/D         A – A/E         E – E/B

D – D/A         C – C/G         Bm – B/D#       G – G/D

These are the chord progressions for the “Genius ChatGPT” song based on the verse and chorus lyrics provided earlier. You can play these chords on the piano to accompany your singing, and you can also experiment with different piano voicings or chord inversions to add variety and depth to the accompaniment. Have fun bringing your song to life with these chord progressions! 🎵🎹🎶🎤✨

Happy music-making and have a wonderful time creating your “Genius ChatGPT” song! 🌟🎵🚀✨

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Keep shining and creating wonderful music! 🎶🌟🎹✨🎤

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