Reviews and online shopping

Reviews and online shopping
Have fun!

Reviews and online shopping

There are many types of reviews.
Reviews of products and services in the first place.
My reviews are different.

It gives you some background about a specific problem
and proposes services and products at your choice.
Give and take, right?

Most of us seek specific reviews of products and services before they shop online. This research is very useful, gives different appreciations, comparisons … but, admit, most of the time biased by the affiliate marketing behind.

The blogs with reviews offer you insights in different subjects and problems
and propose some related products and services as well.
Kind of eye-opener, like a discovery channel. Right?

What kind of reviews are out there?

Reviews by retailers or production teams
Reviews by users or experts
Reviews by affiliate marketeers

But… only a few talk about specific problems
and how to solve them
before proposing solutions, products or services

My reviews wants to close that gap.
I hope you will enjoy this unusual approach…

Shop with a wow

Be surprised!


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