Relation is the foundation of humanity

Relation is the foundation of humanity

Relation is the foundation of humanity

Relation is the foundation of humanity
Responsibility needs to express in relationship
family, children, neighbors, community

We are involved in being a light for others.
We need clean decisions without fear

A Decision implies choices,
A confusion between this and that.

A mind that sees clearly does not choose.
There is no decision
Just a follow up without conflict

A choice implies division
When the mind does not see clearly

A mind that sees clearly
needs no decision

Choice implies a confused mind
that is not free

Freedom is a state, a condition, not a choice

What is the responsibility of a human being in relationship
as foundation of our existence?

It means co-operation, love, generosity.

Responsibility applies to nature as well.
Do not destroy earth, air, soil.
It is irresponsible.

A relation is build on reality
not on an image made of others.
We betray the present.

An image
is not a relationship

Our responsibility
is not to have an image of others

Free translation from J. Krishnamurti

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