Rastafarian Dreams

Rastafarian Dreams, A Spiritual Tapestry Unfurled. A poem
Rastafarian Dreams, A Spiritual Tapestry Unfurled. A poem

A Spiritual Tapestry Unfurled

In Jamaica’s hills, a story unfurls,
Rastafarian faith, a treasure of pearls.
More than beliefs, it’s a way to be,
Spirit, culture, identity set free.

From Garvey’s words, a movement ignited,
A prophecy fulfilled, hearts united.
Haile Selassie, lion’s roar so grand,
Earthly vessel of Jah’s command.

I and I,” they say, unity’s call,
A spiritual truth that embraces all.
Dreadlocks cascade like a lion’s mane,
Humility’s emblem, devotion’s gain.

In livity’s embrace, they find their way,
Nature’s rhythms guide night and day.
Ital nourishment, a sacred feast,
Respecting Earth, a living masterpiece.

Social warriors in reggae’s rhythm dance,
Challenging oppression, taking a stance.
Resisting the chains of colonial past,
Rastafarian spirit forever lasts.

Yet misconceptions try to obscure,
Stereotypes clinging, intentions impure.
Through struggles, Rastafarians hold true,
Their faith and identity in clear view.

Global echoes of a timeless song,
Rastafarian influence grows strong.
Art, fashion, and minds they inspire,
Setting hearts aflame with a burning fire.

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