International day of older persons

International day of older persons. A day to remember our duty to care for the sick and deprived eldery people
International day of older persons

Do not underestimate experience and wisdom

International day of older persons
1 October

According to the wisdom of the Mayas, it takes 50 years to learn life circles. From then on, one was considered mature and wise.

In today societies, we tend to forget that.

Ageism is a new plague, where eldery people are excluded . Perhaps because they can not be fooled.

Today the discrimination , lack of respect and despise of elderly people becomes shocking.

Instead of giving them a place of honor, which they often deserve, they face the arrogance of younger generations. Even their own children.

This is not how it should be and one of the latest aggressions against the fundamental rights of elderly people.

A real shame spreading across families and nations.  A dehumanization and growing lack of solidarity and care.

Some even impose euthanasia upon them without any scruples. Again, shame on them.

For all the others who do care and love their parents and who help elderly people, especially those in need, thank you!

60+ Counts as they say!

Let us celebrate them on the first of october and give them a special attention!

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Do not underestimate experience and wisdom

Take time to learnInvest in your future

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