International day for Disaster Risk Reduction

Disaster Risk Reduction. Hard to protect us from narural disasters like earthquakes, huricanes, ...
Seismic activity graph showing an earthquake.

International day for Disaster Risk Reduction -13 October


So many natural disasters
Destroying habitat and cultures
In so many places

Our planet faces almost daily
natural disasters

Hard to fight the powers of nature
But we can reduce the risks
In many ways

Today our thoughts go out
To all the victims of natural disasters.


Let us not forget the dangers of chemical and nuclear plants as well !

What can be done

We can reduce the disaster damage to critical infrastructure.

We can  prevent the disruption of basic services like water and food supply, communication, transport and hospital facilities.

We can monitor the areas within risk regions.

We  can make evacuation plans available.

Let us join in a common effort to make our infrastructures, cultures and habitat  more safe!

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