Healthy articles sleep

Healthy articles sleep. Teachings by Chinese and Indian masters shed new lights on ancient sleeping techniques.
What makes you sleep,well?

Healthy articles sleep

Know your body
Know how to sleep

And direction 

Be aware   
Of your own conscience

Relax your muscles
Relax your bones

Find your
Recharging position

Happy dreams
Happy dreams

Teaching by Chinese and Indian masters

Sleep is how your body recharges .

And knowing how to do that the right way will help you boost your productivity and improve your mental and physical health.

Let us listen to the teachings of the Chines Master Mu Yuchun and the Indian mystic Sadhguru. They explain the best ways to sleep and elaborate on just why sleeping in the wrong way might even cause your death.

First of all, let’s start with master Mu Yuchun and his traditional Chinese sleeping technique. This technique has been perfected through generations of Chinese masters and focuses on relaxing every part of the body and making sure none of the muscles are tensed or stretched.

Master Mu Yuchun explains that there are three ways that most people sleep.

  • the first and most common one is sleep on their side.
    Generally, when people sleep on their side, they use only one pillow which they keep under their head for comfort and support. It makes the muscles of the outstretched arm stretch, resulting in your shoulder being pulled.
    According to master Mu Yuchun, the shoulder and the hip are connected. This means that if the shoulder is not relaxed properly, not only will it be badly affected, but so will the lower portion of the body. The solution to this is using another pillow to raise the arm a bit. This relaxes the arm, which ends up solving the entire issue.
    Let us look at the other hand. When you close your right hand, it puts pressure on your heart and lungs. This is solved by using a third pillow and holding that near your chest.
    The fourth pillow comes into the picture. When you look at the legs, your legs need to be straight and parallel to each other. When you’re sleeping on your side, this does not happen, and instead your legs close down on your groin, reducing blood flow and leading to fertility issues. Adding a pillow between your legs helps prevent this.

    When sleeping on your side, this is how you should sleep with four pillows, all appropriately placed to make your body as comfortable as possible.
  • Some people sleep straight on their backs.
    While western medicine has called this posture good for the spinal curvature master Mu Yuchun disagrees and says that unless a pillow is used to relax the muscles of your legs they’ll stretch and pull on your back, leading to lower back pain. What master Mu Yuchun recommends is to put a pillow under your legs.
    Once the legs are a bit raised, the muscles are no longer extended, and your back can now fully benefit from the posture.
    One more thing that people do when they sleep on their Backs is that they push their heads into their shoulders, which causes them to snore.
    This is bad for both your head and your neck too, since they aren’t properly aligned. A simple fix is to place a pillow under your neck in such a way that your head is relaxed.
    According to master Mu Yuchun sleeping this way will help you have better dreams and also improve your health.
  • Finally, the last sleeping posture is the lotus posture. The lotus posture is when you sleep while sitting. The key factor here is to keep your back flat using a pillow and then resting your chin on it to keep the head properly.

Now that we’ve got sleeping postures out of the way, let’s take a look at Indian mystic and yogi Sadhguru, as he explains, which direction you should sleep .

There is a consensus among people that you shouldn’t sleep with your head towards the north in the northern hemisphere or towards the south living in the southern hemisphere.

Two things happen when you sleep towards the north.

  • First of all, due to the fact that you’re laying down the blood flow in your head increases more than what it is used to already. This happens because of the lack of any gravitational effect to oppose the heart’s pumping.
  • What happens next, however, is what you should be worried about. The blood that is already in excess begins to increase even more. This can lead to stroke or even hemorrhaging.

The severity of the side effects is linked directly to your age. If you’re young and have strong blood vessels, you might not feel any immediate side effects. However, over a long period, the increased pressure, along with all the excess blood will lead to chronic side effects: stroke, nightmares, disturbed sleep and, worst of all, a brain hemorrhage.

The solution to all of these issues is to never sleep in sync with the magnetic poles.


If you live in the northern hemisphere, you should never sleep with your head towards the north. East is best and then southeast. The south isn’t ideal, but it’s better than the north. If you live in the southern hemisphere, the instructions are the exact opposite for you.

In Conclusion

What you need to do is use both the techniques you learned today.

– First, you need to fix your sleeping posture using the technique of master Mu Yuchun with the three most common sleeping positions. So all you need to do is pick the one you like and stick to that once you have a good sleeping posture.

– The next step is to follow Sadhguru’s advice and sleep perpendicular to the magnetic poles. Pick the direction that is best suited to the hemisphere.

With these ancient techniques perfected over generations, your health is almost guaranteed to improve.

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