Genesis, the origin of matter has not to be taken lightly. It is the expansion of energy and light in our cosmos as we can see it with our senses, but beyond...

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About the origin of matter

The nose begins 
at the point between the two eyebrows, 
the seat of spiritual vision.

To the unenlightened man, 
dependent on his senses for all final judgments, 
proof of God must remain unknown 
and therefore non-existent.

The great masters of India 
mold their lives by the same godly ideals 
which animated Jesus

The Yogi-Christs of India 
are part of the immortal fraternity
those who have attained 
a liberating knowledge of the One Father

Genesis is deeply symbolic
and cannot be grasped 
by a literal interpretation

Reason and feeling 
remain in a heaven of cooperative joy 
as long as the human mind 
is not tricked by the serpentine energy 
of animal propensities.

Knowledge of ‘good and evil’ 
refers to the cosmic dualistic compulsion.


Kriya yoga

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