Electrosensitivity tech torture?

Electrosensitivity tech torture? Electrosmog has become the latest pollution. Of the aether this time.
Electrosmog, the new pollution

Electrosensitivity tech torture?

Are you affected by electrosmog?
Radiations of all kind?
Electromagnetic fields?

It seems that wireless is not so healthy as said, affecting many people with terrible tintinitus symptoms. A non stop blender in your head with terrible side effects that can even lead to your dead.

Never heard of it?
Well you better look into this. For it is the new plague with widespread waves, transmitting towers, magnetrons mobiles, devices, mobiles, televisions,… even electric cars!

One of the remedies?
Live in a faraday cage.
Your freedom and prison at the same time

Not all people are affected, but it seems electromagnetic sensitive people are growing all ober the planet.
10% are affected and numbers are growing.
Not good news for the internet of things.
After all we are not teleguided objects.

Those who suffer from this go through hell.
Recently new masts were installed in the region, and the torture and terror started for many. Headaches, heart beats, eye strains, tinnitus with non stop high pitch sounds in your head, vomiting, stomach problems, breath issues… just to name a few.

You are baked slowly in a universal magnetron. And it is killing many all over the globe. Unbearable, sick making. Driving people insane. Weakening our immune system and causing terrible fatigue.

And not just people…

What is my point?

Make sure to protect yourself and environment from this nocive and poisonning new threat for humans, annimals and vegetation.

Electrosmog has become the latest pollution.
Of the aether this time.

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What is your experience with electrosensitivity? Electrosmog? Its remedies?

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