Divine sounds

Divine sounds soothening and healing our minds, souls and spirits. Harmonies tuned above
Handle bells with red bandages on wind abreast

Divine sounds

Every nation, culture, tradition and faith has its own divine sounds.

Since sounds are hard to transcribe, some beautiful examples with videos illustrating the divine sounds and their interpretation.


The oldest known song yet is the Hurrian Hymn

A gift of love by Rumi, a great Sufi Saint

Sad and mysterious Duduk armenian music , the most persecuted people on earth. suffering genocide, exile and tribulations…

Arabian music master, a tribute to Nasser Shamma

Abulafia , the extatic wants us to purify our consciousness via a high level of concentration

The healing sound and rhythm : a teaching about finding your own voice and expression

Jaz reinhard: minor swing : a beautiful pice of soul music

The power of Iam

I am A am O am E am U am

I am I om I em I um I im

Syrian armaniac : one of the oldest and most beautiful languages …

What is your favorite sacred sound or music?

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