For the love of horses

Horses make us dream .

A projection
Of another world
Where men and animals
Were one

Many of us share that dream

A vision
Of a better world
Where men take care of nature

Chwals is another word for horses.


For the love of horses
For the love of horses

A good saddle to begin with

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8 Replies to “For the love of horses”

  1. While I did find the poem a bit short it brought tranquil thoughts of riding for hours or caring for our friends when I was young and lived near my uncle in Texas. He was foreman of a large ranch where we lived and we would come out and help feed the cows and other animals and occasionally get to go riding. My mom is an absolute equine lover from head to hoof and is sure to love your brief thoughts and share your ideology on the topic.

    1. Dear Andy, reading you brought all those memories back to me too. A time we all loved and cherish. Our love for nature is replaced by love for immediate result. And on the long run, we will loose that battle. For nature has its own turns, its own las that can not be infringed. The ancients knew that very well…

      Thank you

  2. That’s awesome, Feather. Your post is so short and sweet. I never knew that horses are also known as Chwals. Your small poetic write up speaks thousand words for the love of nature, humans and animals and their connectedness with each other.

    I’m glad that I get to read this refreshing post this morning. You have made my day. Thanks a lot for sharing this post looking forward to more of such refreshing ones. I truly appreciate your love of horses. Cheers:)

  3. Hi,

    This is an awesome picture of the title for the love of horses. I am a little bit confused on the post. Is it a product or any special book which I have not read yet? I have checked out chwals website and found great horses there. My favorite horse is a black stallion. I have a dream of riding on this horse. I am expecting more article on this. Thanks for posting this information.

    1. Hi!

      So glad you enjoyed the post and visited the Chwals site on horses… yes, we all dream of horses and riding them… it is a powerful archetype. Just visit the proposed readings or links… may be, you find something that catches your need..

      Have a great day. Thank you for posting

  4. Great Content and Information!

    What a concise, Insightful and thorough article. I found the post very detailed and Informative. So so many useful tips and tricks all on one page! Wonderful! I bookmarked to look further. I am just getting to know about the horse  encyclopedia and I am purchasing mine right away without wasting time.

    1. Hi, always so good to read you! Yes, it is a choice amongst many and I am glad you picked it up. Let me know your thoughts on it later.

      Have wonderful day, thank you.

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