Egyptian color palette

The Egyptian palette
has six colors

red -desher- heraldic color of the North, ochres
green -wadj ,  color of the Nile, Malachite
blue – khesbedj , irtiu- lapis lazuli,  color of heavenly realms
yellow -kenit, khenet- the golden sun, ochres and oxydes
black -khem, kem- the black land, carbon
white -shesep, hedj- heraldic color of the south, chalks and gypsum

All made from mineral compounds
Semi-precious gemstones
Chosen for their symbolism

Vibrant colors
Even after thousand years
still shining

Eternal beauty

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Egyptian Art History

Colors and art of ancient egypt, a survey

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Egyptian color palette
Egyptian color palette

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4 Replies to “Egyptian color palette”

  1. This is very interesting to me!

    No orange, indigo, or violet as in the color spectrum, but it makes a lot of sense that, before we were able to ship materials all over the world, the Egyptians, like many native peoples, used the minerals in their region to create color!

    I am from the Lake Tahoe region and the Washoe tribe that originally inhabited this area would use the bark of the Red Fir tree to create a potent red/burgundy dye.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Tucker!

      What a wonderful story you have shared with us! I love it! 

      Yes… the ancients used minerals and natural chemicals to color and dye… no matter where they lived. And each nation has its own palette…  there is much we can learn from the ancients … and for me natural colors are the most healthy also… 

      em Hetep

      Stay in peace

  2. The beauty of Egyptian colors has no rivals.
    Vibrant light for all to see

    And the make-up of eyes refined!

    Em hetep On !

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