About Ion

Child of sun
Child of sun

I am On (i-on)
My place is near the sun

I am a genealogy buff
Interested by archaeology and culture

What are our origins?
Our common origins?
Who were our ancestors?

Who knows?

My quest has led me into far past
The time of pharaoh and summer

My blog is not a statement
Just an in invitation to grow
Into one big family

Let me know if you like my quest
And drop me your comments

We are all together in this quest

Blog in peaceLet us gather!

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4 Replies to “About Ion”

  1. I have been long on the Internet but never saw such an interesting bio. Unique and full of philosophy and at the same intriguing.
    I’m willing to join the club and discover more about it.
    Like you say, we are all Earthians and one big family.
    Where do we go from here now?

    1. Dear and divine… 

      you are most welcome! 

      Where do YOU want to go ?

      Your beeing is immobable, close your eyes, no movement perception…


  2. I love the philosophy behind viewing the world as one. We’re all from the same place and share the same past with personal variances. I like to think of people from other countries as my brothers and sisters of Earth. I think if we all study our personal genealogy we will find we are more connected than we think. I appreciate your website dedicated to your quest and wish you the best in finding your roots.

    1. Hi Sunny… 

      thank you for passing by…ans telling me you loved it.

      one big family indeed sharing same DNA: the earthians, children of the Sun.

      And depending from where we live we have our own complimentary interpretations… fascinating indeed… 

      take good care…

      kindly yours, 


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