OH 86

Bone OH 86
1,86 millions
years old

Forbidden archeology  
forces scientists and researchers
to adapt their paradigms

Many of them
Based on interpretations
Their own understandings
Without ground

Facts! Facts! Facts!

Modern archeology is such
It scatters the beliefs of old
The lobby of style

There is no common place
Especially in the study
Of ancient artifacts
And structures

The Knowledge filters
And rejections
Are still in place

The hidden archeology 
Has become
Forbidden archeology

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2 Replies to “OH 86”

  1. Very interesting writing. It takes a couple times for me to get poetry, but when I do it is rewarding.

    Archaeology and the study of ancient artifacts helps us better understand our world. I have never seen it presented in such a fashion.

    Do you ever try and teach people things using this type of writing. I think it would be useful for children.

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