Be Healed with sound

Medical disclaimer: this is not medical advice. Always check with your doctor first.

Be healed with sound

Sound has a healing power. The ancients knew it all too well.
Think of the many mantras and repetitive songs empowering peace and distressing us.

Stress indeed sickens and disturbs our brain waves as modern studies have shown.

Mi BEEB - Sound and waves
An illustration of a nice sound wave graphic

Alpha waves

Alpha waves are a great way to restore our brain health. We can do so by using specific repetitive mantras or listening to specific brainwaves.

A great initiator of alpha waves was Jose Da Silva
Founder of the Silva method
Still followed by many all over the world

References for the da Silva Method

Watch this video by Jose Da Silva
With headphones.

Do this for 10 days

Alpha waves are powerful brain waves
Helping you to conquer stress

Be cautious with crabs and fake therapists

Always Ask your doctor first


Healing with sounds can occur in so many ways: singing bowls, musical forks, heartbeat drums,…

Examples are many, and we will try to unfold them all along.

Bare with me!

Some books

The 7 secrets of sound healing

Stay tuned in many ways!

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16 Replies to “Be Healed with sound”

  1. The site design and your posts are fine. I just am not getting any sounds? Am I supposed to be hearing something on here? If not, why not? It is a site for sound right? I like the site, but I must admit that because it is so unique I am a little confused by what exactly I am supposed to be seeing or hearing?

    1. You gave me a great hint. Working on it David.
      Trying to set frame first. Sound is so complex and lanyfold it needs some definition and samples indeed.

      They will be added soon, once the frame is set..
      Just click the provided links… for sound

      Thank you

  2. I like the appearance of your site, but I am honestly a little confused? I have clicked on everything I could find and I have not found any recordings of any sounds or sound waves?

    What am I missing?

    1. Thank you David for your concern. You are right!
      I will add sound soon! Have to make sure about copyrights. Hence some links.

      Have a blessed day

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing with us such an amazing content. You have put here some very interesting information about brain waves and sound. I noticed that you put here a book “Waves of Light and Sound” that costs only $ 3. I would like to buy this book and make it a gift to a friend who works in aerospace engineering and he need a lot of informations about it. 

    Do you recommend me a book for brain waves too? If you don’t mind, i will share this article on my social media account. Thanks again and keep in touch. 

    1. Hi Nimrod, feel free to share whatever you want. 
      Brainwave basics is a good start as eye opening reading. 
      For now all the basic blogs are published and I will soon dive in with more.

      Thank you

  4. Thank you for this article. I love listening to music at home alone, and the unique sounds can relax me. When I was young I liked to listen to rock music, but now I prefer to listen to light music. The change of a few notes made me very relaxed. Sometimes I fell asleep while listening.

    1. Yes… sound evolves with us. And unfortunately education does not teach music any more. It is a gift that needs ro be mastered and worked on. Not just some notes and noice piled up on a heap. The disharmony of sound is a reason for illness and psychic disturbance. I am glad you discovered it all by yourself. Just check some links provided here, like Kelly Howell

      Thank you and good luck in your quest. Keep visiting… for more


  5. To start with, the first sentence i saw in this article made me love it the most, I mean the aspect of clearing the that it is not a medical advice and a doctor should be consulted. It is very true that stress sickens and weakens the brain which relatively affects its productivity. Thanks for recommending Alpha wave, I’ll look forward to seeing more about this.

  6. Once again, thank you for the awesome post!  I really like this post because it doesl with healing the brain.  For someone like me, who is worried about mental illnesses that come with age, this is very important.  Alpha waves are the waves I use when I’m meditating.  I did not know, though, that they could potentially heal the brain, so that is great!

  7. Hiya MiBeeb

    I was very interested in learning about healing through sound as I find music very effective in many ways. I can see how sounds could be used to heal people without understanding how it happens. 

    I think sound vibrations play a part but I will wait to discover more when your website is completed and you have adjusted your links. 

    As this article was only published today, do you know when you might fix the links? I wish you luck with it and look forward to revisiting soon, krs PurpleLioness 

  8. Very interesting! I’ve actually heard about being healed with sound before. I have a friend who uses the meditation bowls and teaches others about it. It is amazing the power that can be achieved from something that most people are not even aware of. Thanks so much for sharing, I will certainly be back to check out future posts

    1. Awesome to have such a genius friend… Tibetan bowls are awesome indeed for those who know.

      it is the law of resonance… our bodies echoing the bowls and adjusting vibration indeed

      thank you for sharing Mike!

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