What does chwals mean ?

Creole from Haiti
Chwal means horse
Cheval in Frensh

Chwal means horses also
And adding a plural form
Adds to the mass


A place for those
Who love horses


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8 Replies to “What does chwals mean ?”

  1. Fleeky you have a beautiful site and I enjoyed looking around. I have a love of horses too. I used to ride until I threw my back out and couldn’t ride anymore. I never knew that you have a love of horses quite interesting we have something in common. That is great. Again your site is beautiful and it is well designed. Your images are wonderful too.

    1. Hi Mary,

      Welcome! Yes…
      We all grew up with horses.
      And riding was part of life.
      Just like falling off…

      Now horses tend to become rare, if not inexistant.
      And it is not for better.

      Take care of your back


  2. Hi, 

    I love your article about Chwal. The horse is my favorite animal. Here is some good entertainment about horses with quotes and book references. After reading your posts, I learned something new about horses that will work out in the future. Like chwals, I love horses too. The horse is assumed as a unicorn in imagination.

    Thank you so much for writing this. Now I am going to share it with my family members.

  3. Hello, 

    I’m happy to come across a blog that can inform me about everything related to horses. I had a Welsh pony when I was a child, and ever since I’ve loved horses every single day.

    I can not wait to read more content from your blog, you’ve got one fan already!

    1. Hi Louis,

      Poneys are such sweeties too. Good to remind me of them. They come in all shapes. Beach poneys, circus poneys, … so many breeds. Glad you liked it!

      Take care of them, wherever you are. When I see a coral. I do stop and greet them. And most of the time a joyful neigh is my reward!


  4. Hi,

    I have read the whole article about “WHAT DOES CHWALS MEAN ?”

    Really this is an amazing article with all the necessary information.I like this article very much.I have learned somthing new from this article.I am a horse lover. I have seen all the related information about horses.I did not know before that Chawls means horses, I have learned this after reading this article.Thank you very much for sharing such an informative article.I will share this article with my friends and relatives.

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