The sacred river of the Nile

The sacred river of the Nile

Belonging to ALL
the longest river
Of the World

The white Nile
And the blue Nile
Two mighty affluents

The river Nile
The river Nile

Flooding Several countries
The greatest amongst them being
Ethiopia, Uganda, Sudan and Egypt

And feeded by many affluents
The farest well
situated in Burundi

Ḥ’pī (hapy) or Iteru
In ancient Egyptian language
meaning river

And the Nubian culture
With Black pharaohs of
The 25th Dynasty erased

Along its shores


A journey down the Nile


Nile River at sunset, Uganda
Nile River at sunset, Uganda


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4 Replies to “The sacred river of the Nile”

  1. A good site about the river nile. It has given some relevant information although I would like to read more. However, I like the link you provided to the video about the journey down the Nile. The Nile I know is made most popular by Bible stories about Egypt and the Nile. I think the Nile is thought to be in Egypt only by a lot of people. But this page allows for visitors to know the various countries the Nile runs through. Keep on providing more information about the Nile, and keep up the good work.
    However, I would like to say that Video’s should be Videos.

    1. Hi Nickoy, 

      YES the mighty river Nile, together with the river Amozon and the river Ganges. A mythical river in many ways.. place of history and great civilisations still uncovered and unknown. One being the nubian culture. The land of gold…

      I am glad my poem teased your curiosity to know more… because that is the intend of my site… to invite you to read, and do research… seeking the many facets of a brilliant diamond shining in front of us…. 

      Yes there will be more… much more… take time to view and read the links… they are the essence…

      Em Hetep


      Ps… I shall  correct, thank you!

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