The magic of riding

A compromise
Between the horses freedom
And control by its rider?
That is poorly said

What is the magic of riding then?

Leaving the spirit of freedom
And riding in balance

When two spines align
There is balance
Perfect balance

The beauty of harmony
And unity

Awesome book on horse dressage

‘Riders who are able to preserve the spirit of freedom in their horses are inevitably the ones who garner the prizes.

Indeed, hunter judges reward the horse that looks free and has a quiet enthusiasm controlled invisibly by a beautifully balanced rider.

Dressage judges also reward the freedom of the horse’s movement when they evaluate the horse’s gaits on their “freedom and regularity.”

This freedom is what makes horses beautiful.
On a deeper level, it’s not about prizes.

Riders who incorporate Dressage Dynamics in their riding are the most satisfied riders because they honor the inner nature of their horses, and they enable their horses to reach their potential.

Fortunately, the horse is a herd animal by nature and happy to be under the control of a skilled rider. But what is a skilled rider?’

When two spines align: dressage dynamics by Beth Baumert.
A must for the skilled rider.
A must for those who seek beauty and mastership in riding.

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A video

Charlotte Dujardin, freestyle

The magic of riding
A perfect balance
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14 Replies to “The magic of riding”

  1. I had an opportunity to ride a horse once, and that was when I was young. The ride was also aided so I would say that I experienced the magic of riding.
    I have been reminded that I need to indeed have a real magical ride and experience the alignment of two spines.
    When Two Spines Align: Dressage Dynamics: Attain Remarkable Riding Rapport with Your Horse; is a good book to start with; besides, its reviews are strong. 

    1. Hi Edgar

      The magic of riding is like the magic of love. 

      A horse is like a friend, it takes time to know and appreciate each other. 

      Thank you for sharing your experience


  2. Well explain the magic of a riding. You says ” Fortunately, the horse is a herd animal by nature and happy to be under the control of a skilled rider. But what is a skilled rider?’” could please elaborate more about a skilled rider is ? ,  characteristics and skill must a person have to be qualified to be called a skilled rider

    1. Hi

      A skilled rider, is one that masters the basic techniques and loves horses. You can not ride them well without love, can you?  Many will abuse the horse by forced submission. Not a skill, is it?

      And it is good that horse power has been replaced by machine power, since many owners of horses were bad masters.

      Thank you for asking


  3. Hi,

    Thank you for the wonderful writing I like horse riding too. But unfortunately, I’ve never been a horse ride. Maintaining the freedom of the horse is a witch to control them. And I think that any ride teaches to balance. The excerpt of the book on horse dressage, I like most I will buy this book for my rider friend.

    1. Hi Irn,

      There is great joy in watching skilled riders… and yes, it is a beautiful book to offer to your friend indeed.

      Thank you for sharing


  4. Isn’t it just amazing to know that as we struggle with ensuring every human being enjoys freedom, there are animals that perform at their optimal best when they get that feeling of freedom. Talk more of humans. I bet only a rider who understands and values “freedom” would even be able to perceive the spirit of freedom in his/her horse and hence experience the magic of riding. Beautiful post,really.

    1. Hi,

      Freedom goes for every living being… indeed. And when respected, we act out of freedom also…

      You raised an important point. Where does our freedom end or start indeed?

      Have blessed day


  5. Awesome quick post! “When two spines align, there is balance, Perfect balance, The beauty of harmony And unity” What a genuine interpretation of riding. I’ve been riding since I was a wee lad, so this phrase hits home. I have found there is nothing more rewarding than keeping your horse feeling free and truly alive and happy. Horses have personalities, just like us, and you can tell when they need more freedom than they are being given.

    Thanks for the post ! look forward to reading more from you in the future ( : 

    1. Kudos…

      Thank you for liking and sharing your own experience.  There are no bad horses… only bad riders or bad equipment. Riding is an art indeed. And choosing the right attributes also. Some horses only accept their own riders. And it hurts to see bad riders on great horses… 

  6. The rhymes , the tunes , the concord and the clarity of the message passed here makes it a book to read. When two spines align, could this be what I am thinking? The chemistry between two lovers , the freedom it brings, and the feeling of making your horse your best friend and making him look most beautiful among every other horses around. A good horse dress portrays the alignment between the rider and the horse he rides.

    1. Hi,

      Yes… the beauty of a good rider is magic indeed. a great rodeo, or an awesome dressage… it does not matter. The awe of beauty and harmony remains. Mastership at its best indeed. For the love of chwals!

      Thank you for sharing


  7. Read some review about this book and general horse dressage, and I quite enjoyed it. But this came with questions that should horse riding be considered a sport, taking Rollkul into consideration as well? In my own opinion, It’s a SPORT if it’s at the Olympics! I would have told them to take my horse and try to jump or dress. People who think that riding is not a sport are generally the same people who think that those who play football, basketball and baseball are the end of all athletes. Even though Rollkul is banned by International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) because its termed as torture for the animal, but Horse Dressage is the most beautiful of them all. 

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